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Carving Chess Pieces Out of Stone

Have you watched that famous Hollywood flick “The Shawshank Redemption”? If you have, I believe that you love the main character Andy Dufresne. He is such a nice guy and an avid fan of carving chess pieces out of stone. Do you remember that famous dialogue, when Andy talked to his friend Red and said, “Chess, now there’s a game of kings…civilized, strategic.  I’ve been thinking about getting a board together…I want to carve the pieces myself.  One side in Alabaster, the opposing side in soap stone, what do you think?” If you are also looking for wooden chessboard, you might wake up the artist inside you and learn some carving to make pieces for yourself.

So, after reading all of this you feel intrigued and you want to try some craftsmanship and make your own set of chess pieces UK to buy. Well, first of all you need to know the tools, which you need for carving. While all Andy needed was a small rock hammer, but you are not living in that age. It is the 21st century and the fanatics of stone chess piece carving use latest tools such as high speed rotary tool. Now, why do you think that Andy mentions the alabaster and soapstone? Because these two stones are soft and thus great to use for carving chess pieces.

If you carve a set of chess pieces out of the stone, based on your own selected theme, you will feel proud of it whenever some friend or family will praise your craftsmanship. You are at liberty to choose any theme you like, if you decide to carve your own chess pieces to buy UK. If you think that your favorite set of chess pieces showcased in a nearby shop is too expensive or the size of the King is just not as big as you like, you may use employ your creativity and innovation, and make a set of your own.

So, the first thing you need to do is to get a stone of your own choice. You should choose a stone, which is soft enough to carve and which will not crack easily. Do you know what Socrates said about the carving? He said that he the shape is already in the stone, all he does is bring it out. If you have a rich imagination and you can carve, all you need to do is use your tools and bring out the shape, which is still in your mind. Many artists prefer to make their own set of pieces with their chessboards UK to buy.

After getting the stone and the material, you should first determine the size of your chess pieces UK to buy. If you really want to enjoy your own war theatre made of marble, make sure to make big chess pieces. Let the Kings, Queens, Knights and Rooks appear in their full glory. Pay attention to the details. It requires a lot of delicacy to make all the details of facial features, armor, dressing and the weapons appear on the pieces carved out of stone.

If you are looking for wooden chessboard and chess pieces carved out of stone, you should know that the pieces carved out of stone are not easy to handle. Stone is strong and yet vulnerable. The chess pieces carved out of stone are much more vulnerable than the wooden or plastic chess pieces. When you finish carving your stone chess pieces, have a final look at the features of the pieces and every detail; you might need to use your tools again in order to give them a finer shape. The last thing to be done is sanding the pieces to give them a smooth, silky and polished look. Your pieces are now ready; let the game begin.

Posted by Carl Miceli on 01 April, 2015 0 comments
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