Chess Education at Schools ought to be Compulsory

A charity that encourages the teaching of chess is run by Malcolm Pein. Chess enhances maths, and makes children play better with their buddies. Are they right? Is chess actually what it's cracked up to be?

Believe it or not  Armenia has made chess for kids compulsory in every one of its primary schools. Chess will be learnt by kids from age six as another issue on the program for just two hours weekly. His goal is that Armenia should rule the planet of chess.

It is not only a pipe dream. In 1963, Russian Mikhail Botvinnik was conquered by Armenian Tigran Petrosian . Armenia's national team won gold and 2008 in the biennial International Chess Olympiad, and the nation's top player, Levon Aronian, is rated number three in the planet.
But should chess actually take the area of other national curriculum areas?  Malcolm Pein believe that young kids ought to be educated the game and given the opportunity to appreciate it. His scheme's immediate effect is noticed by teachers involved in it on kids.

Without superb sharp powers of attention and recollection, one cannot expect to win in a game. So maybe there's some truth after all. 
No one desires to refuse a child the chance of studying the game. Argument exclusively appears if one indicates that chess is more significant than something else. Is it more significant than artwork or music? How about history or maths?

Malcolm recalls.....I  sat in the theater in the Big Apple and next to me was a girl with her 8-year old little boy who wore short pants and funny glasses. He was pasted to his electronic chess board throughout the whole performance, obsessed with winning from the computer. All I could think was, there's something unique about that lad... something I wish I really could bottle up and give to any or all my children back home.

Whatever one's feelings on chess, what I see most endearing is the opinion of an Armenian guy that is average when interviewed about chess. "Chess offers us trust - the possibility of redemption.