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Classic Staunton Chess Pieces

Classic Chess sets, like the Staunton assortment, often demand looking back in the past, rather than the long run. We rarely think about what will become of our high-end chess sets, but it makes sense that the really top quality and high-end sets that are superb will hopefully remain cherished in your family for generations to come.

Great high-end chessmen being faced by the dilemma, and really all other luxury hardwood pieces is the environmental situation enclosing the woods used to make them. Red Sandalwood, & ebony, Rosewood would be the most popular woods and certainly some of the most desirable.

This implies that any re putting schemes are extremely long term efforts that probably wont positive up any supply problems in the approaching decades.

Already countries like India are working to impose export sanctions on luxury hardwoods, nations like Brazil have completely banned the export of their valuable rosewood considerably to the dismay of the luxury musical instrument business. As pressure in the environmentalists build, and authorities bow to the scientific consensus it's realistic to think that supply of luxury chess sets is likely to shrink.

The UK's most prominent online chess retailer is feeling the pain of this scenario together with the supply of the solid chess boards. The boards come in various sizes and are manufactured from enormous chunks of flaw free black ebony. The results are rather stunning. Being the sole retailer in the United Kingdom to offer such boards the demand is high, regardless of the quite high price.

Yet getting enough stock to fulfil the orders is a persistent challenge. Suppliers complain that it's difficult to source of the woods that are high grade and the costs are improving each month. Something that then pushes the entire cost up further.

In the eyes of the consumer this scenario isn't having much of an impact yet. The wood can still purchase superb chess products at good prices, often artificially low at present due to failing chess companies selling stock cheap to maintain some cash flow off. Nevertheless this will be short lived and of having the capacity to buy wooden chess pieces that are high-end at a reasonable cost, the days will soon be behind us.

One merely needs to look at the cost of musical instruments that contain Brazilian Rosewood, in certain cases they are worth tens of thousands of pounds now! Given the cost of antique chess sets that are classic these days it is a fair assumption the finest chessmen at today's new costs will represent brilliant investment opportunities!
Posted by Carl Miceli on 16 December, 2015 0 comments
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