Chess Boards for match Analysis

Chess Boards for match Analysis



Welcome aboard! This article is based on one of the most basic and most fundamental aspects of Chess: Analysing the chess game. The analysis is the backbone and key to your improvement. Without this essential art to analyse, one can never progress. Since it is an era of survival of the fittest, therefore the need for analysis is more than ever. People are improving by leaps and bounds by every passing day, and one needs to keep up.

This aspect has also been very beautifully portrayed in the book known as “Road to chess improvement” authored by American Maestro- Alexander Yermolinsky. Moreover, the basic concept and idea of profoundly and thoroughly studying games has also been debated and very strongly recommended by many other grandmasters, also supported by chess pieces.
That is why it is quite ironic to learn that majority of the chess players are either negligent or ignorant of this vital aspect of Chess and don’t analyse their moves and consequently their games thoroughly in depth.

As per Edmar Mednis, “If you play without a simultaneous basic audit of one’s abilities will essentially accomplish nothing for you”. Then he presents the case of figuring out how to swim at ten years old, however without captivating any means to improve, and he hasn’t demonstrated a bit of advancement. In any case, it’s excellent that Chess provides one with a noteworthy life span as compared to swimming as a profession!

At some point, in the quest for motivation after playing Chess in the range of about twenty years almost. He chose to pursue “the most widely recognised counsel one can discover in progress of Botvinnik (one of his least loved ones) and Alekhine (his most loved player) which could be put easily into easy to understand words – study thoroughly about your games.” He states, “By carefully watching Botvinnik’s standard in regards to the exhaustive examination of one’s games, as the years pass by, I have understood that this provides the establishment with a ceaseless improvement of chess dominance.”

It was then at a specific frame of time which my chess mentor chose with his understudies (counting myself also) which we will initiate to explain in the games, taking motivation from John Nunn’s book and the book of Yermolinsky’s. He would gather them in a file. Obviously, as yet being somewhat youthful, maybe my English is not so incredible in commenting on games; however, I’ve attempted to comment on each competition game that I have played from that point forward. What’s more, is, it played a pivotal role in improving my Chess as well as studies and competition play?

The most effective method to Dissect Your Chess Games
Since we’ve experienced the defence and “proof”, we should dig into the genuine investigation of games.

Utilising a program of Chess 
This is the 21st century, where everything is progressing at an unprecedented level. It is quite usual to employ a database chess program that is capable of saving your games so that you can learn from them. With the help of carbon copies that are abundantly available in the championships these days, it has eased the task to a very vast extent. Moreover, one can also have a personal database, and there are tons of them available to choose from.

Summaries on Clarifying
When clarifying games, it is preferred to enter the entire competition game and afterwards enter a portion of the varieties (even two-move varieties) without an assessment. At that point, I experience the whole set from the first move, clarifying parts where pertinent. Significantly, each game ought to be illuminated from an individual perspective, as you may be “doing it carefully for your future advantage”, Mednis.
I, for one, like to devote at any rate a few hours to every game I play and Mednis does not imagine that anything beneficial can be cultivated in an hour or lesser than that. Except if, maybe in a speedy investigation of a rush game, as the player calls attention to where he or his adversary veered off from hypothesis and real bungles that slipped into play. PC examination can likewise close whether a theoretical positional pawn penance merited going into. Also, it ought to be noticed that players ought not to be excessively dynamic in competitive play since it leaves her or him without sufficient opportunity to experience their chess games on a PC altogether.

In surveying and commenting on your own game, you would regularly discover that you have to audit certain opening varieties. Usually, these games are enlightening as you realise what to play and what you should stay away from (on the off chance that you lose that game due to your opening).
Some players would extraordinarily and conceivably never undergo an experience with the reasonable invalidation of a trustworthy opportunity and are compelled to shift to another initial framework.
Players will likewise find where they determined varieties out conclusively and where appraisals were erroneous, or they mostly missed a solid move. Surprising strategic and positional potential outcomes will consistently rise in the end game or middle-game.

Additionally, I have encountered the incidental “unsolvable” position, for example, a secure endgame that cannot be shielded or a bishop of middle-game penance without totally misty results. When you discover these, basically quit striking your head beside the barrier.
As soon as you become more and more experienced, you would find yourself coming out of even the most difficult of positions, and many unsolvable phases and areas would appear as solvable and doable to you. The mind-boggling end is to advance your game of Chess. Hence, it is fundamental that you altogether audit the games you have played.



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