Buying a Suitable Chess Board

One thing is clear about Chess. The game is not meant for the brainless! You will need to be intelligent and patient enough to be able to engage in the game, but not only that, you will need to purchase a chessboard or complete chess set to begin.

When it comes to selecting an appropriate beginners chess board, there are many options available to choose from and sometimes, this can be a little confusing and off-putting to say the least.

The main thing to remember when purchasing a chess board, is that the style and size is entirely based on your own preferences. Think about the space you have available to you for the chess board to sit, and also consider the decor in the room in which you will display the chess board. Ask yourself, what colour can you see in the furnishings surrounding you and will you want to match those colours you see or will you want to create contrast to compliment them with a bolder colour instead?

You should also understand that a normal chess board is between 21 and 24 inches. The greater the chess board, the greater you are able to organise your next smart move, it is always better to have a bigger battlefield to enable you to visualise your next move in the game. 

Normally, the preferred size for a chess board is 23.6 inches, this size is usually selected to be a centrepiece in a room as well as a chess board to engage in the game itself.  

Though many sizes are available, you will usually find that a 21-inch chess board typically comes with a wooden box provided complementary by the chess retailer selling it.

There are many types of wooden chess boards, such as mahogany and birch. Even though they may sometimes be fabricated, according to a early design. It still appears conventional and classy. It seems most popular in the modern sector. On the other hand, traditional chess boards suit many homes just as well.

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