Staunton Chess Pieces remain the gold standard for the Royal Game – Official Staunton™

Staunton Chess Pieces remain the gold standard for the Royal Game

Official Staunton Chess Company is home to one of the greatest selections of chess sets on the internet!. There are several wooden chess set designs to pick from and an acceptable selection of plastic chess sets usually utilized in schools and chess clubs worldwide. From a basic set of chess pieces ( see below) To the creme de la creme! We stock everything for the budding grandmaster and serious chess collector alike. 

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Players might have a fixed period of time for the whole game or they might have to make a particular number of moves within a predetermined time. In different circumstances, each player is going to have a limited period of time to generate all their moves. In some cases, he will have a certain amount of time to make a certain number of moves. Players typically resign when they believe they're very very likely to lose the game. The key issue is that players may decide to push or not their luck. An interested Chess player, looking to purchase their own set, should simply think about a couple of things prior to making a buy. Many different kinds of wood are now utilized to make chess pieces in the Staunton style.Shisham wood also referred to as Indian boxwood, is also commonly utilized to manufacture chess sets.

Since the mid 19th century, top quality chess pieces are weighted with lead, and on many sets, you'll be able to see there's a hole cut into the base of the piece where the weight was inserted, which is generally covered over by felt, so the pieces do not scratch the board.

Every sort of chess piece has its own procedure of movement. In comparison to other chess piece designs the king has a rather wide base in connection with its height. Rosewood chess pieces are usually heavier than the majority of other wooden chess sets, giving them a special feel.

Any set is going to do, finding the perfect one is just a matter of patience and taste. Staunton sets are the sole ones taken for competition. Every set includes the correct pieces and board to satisfy your requirements and several come in a wide variety of fun colours! Aside from that, there are lots of unique kinds of chess sets, which range from comedic themed sets to sets which have an exact cartoonish feel. For more than a century and a half, the Staunton chess set has proven to be quite popular and will probably remain so later on.

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