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Staunton Wood Chess Pieces

Wood chess pieces abound in variety, style, shape, and wood kind. The generation of wood sets has grown enormously in the last few centuries, enabling one to search out some chessmen suited to the taste of one. The preeminent producer of wooden chess pieces now is the birthplace of chess, India. Craftsmanship ranges from low cost, wooden chess pieces that are practical to ultra fine masterpieces.

Most wood chess pieces have contrasting shades and the pieces that are dark include wood types ranging from black to very light. The most common wood types for the black player's pieces are:

Genuine ebony wood is a dense black wood, delicately textured, with a really smooth finish when polished. It truly is highly valuable as generally the most desirable to chess players and an ornamental wood and collectors. Ebonized stained similar and black in look to ebony wood, it gives the plain black and light wood contrast at a lower price. Shishamwood is closest in color to the lighter side of chessmen and the least comparing. This wood is affordable and more plentiful.

Bone Chess Pieces
An original spin on a game that is very old. Chess pieces shaped from bone are and have been produced for some time now a
Great departure from the better known plastic and wood pieces due to their durability and the endorsement that
The bone has of dyes that allows them to be sold in an array of different colors. While being the bone that is permanent is
Soft enough that it can easily be carved into a vast array of shapes and characters

Plastic Chess Pieces
These are the normal regulation-size chess pieces for all sorts of chess play. Club Unique chess pieces are in use nationwide for chess contests and chess education for kids and adults alike. These are the pieces you will need for classroom, club, and contest.
You may be virtually guaranteed rest-free play for years. If you lose a piece or pieces you are able to readily get replacements free of charge.
Other options are the Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces if you desire extra weight, or the Basic Club Special you particularly like the whiter color and if quality is not as much a concern.

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