Learn how to play Chess

Learn how to play Chess



The game of chess has so many benefits and good effects on the players that there is a noticeable rise in the number of people who are gearing up to play the game seriously. They are zealously memorizing rules, practicing them with their peers, studying different techniques from books and following the moves of their favorite grandmasters.

Expert and professional players advise people to join chess academies and clubs for better training and great opportunities. 

Chess Schools are found in large numbers nowadays in the cities. Even the suburbs have woken up to the importance and popularity of this game and started their own chess schools. Expert instructors are available to help people out, to give them useful tips and lessons, to demonstrate these tips and to help them overcome their problems while playing. Chess academies, in collaboration with schools, impart important lessons to enthusiastic kids as well. There are day-long camps and workshops on various topics regarding chess. 

The Chess Schools also organise several tournaments, championships, competitions in schools, rapid chess, different levels of competitions, etc encouraging more and more people to take part in them. Another attraction is that famous grandmasters are often invited in noted clubs for sharing their experiences and imparting their share of knowledge to avid chess lovers. 


Promising talents are recognised via tournaments and competitions organised by the academies. These people are groomed more and trained harder and sent up to participate in various other important local events. From there, they make it regional competitions, national and then the much-coveted international tournaments. Stellar performances ensure their meteoric rise to fame. The academies hone these talents well enough to have them performing excellently with their international peers. 

The contact details of these clubs and academies can also be found online. Some chess schools are founded and run by grandmasters and are major attractions among chess players. They also reference books and other materials required making you experience a truly productive one. 

So if you want to see the next grandmaster in your child, enrol him or her in the nearest chess academy and see how he/she progresses!  And be sure to take along a decent Staunton chess set and board to enjoy this beautiful ancient game. 

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