Backgammon Sets


Backgammon Sets: Our range of sets are of the highest quality and all made using solid wood and mother of pearl inlays. If youre looking for the ultimate in luxurious hand made sets then shop with us today and rest assured of our quality hand made backgammon sets. 
If you are shopping online for a backgammon set there is usually plenty to choose from. You can buy anything from a very basic set right up to a super luxury piece of furniture. As with most items of wooden craft work you very much get what you pay for. Backgammon sets are made in huge quantities by far eastern mass producers as well as in smaller numbers by more prestigious European companies. A high quality set won't make your game playing ability any better, but will be far more appealing to play on and more likely to create a sense of great occasion for the game.


We also pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our collection, which contains backgammon sets of every conceivable model for any conceivable occasion. We offer decadent Luxury Backgammon Sets that can stand as works of art in their own right and our popular Economy line has been praised for its affordability while still maintaining a level of quality that outstrips competitors. Truly, when it comes to quality backgammon sets that are both beautiful and functional Buy your Backgammon set from us and have it delivered to your London address within twenty-four hours. Our Competitive next day shipping service means you can choose from the best range of sets and save on tube fair and shoe leather. You won't find a range of backgammon sets this good on the high street. Order from stock today and receive it tomorrow. Dal Negro backgammon sets, available in soft leather or breathtaking walnut and Briarwood. In addition to being eminently functional and able to withstand the rigours of endless hours of play, these sets also make wonderful display pieces for a game room, den, or study.

Backgammon Sets 

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