1962 Varna Olympiad Reproduction Chess Pieces

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We have successfully reproduced this superb design named Varna as used in the 1962 Bulgarian Olympiad. The set is a faithful reproduction and features a 1 piece knight which proved to be very difficult to carve and turn as well as time-consuming, given the contours of this stunning 1 piece knight.  

Invest in a piece of history this set is sure to please collectors Worldwide. 

Height                Base  King          85 Cm               40 Cm Queen      82 Cm               38 Cm Bishop      66 Cm               35 Cm Knight       64 Cm               38 Cm Rook         48 Cm               34 Cm Pawn        46 Cm               33 Cm



We offer a 3 year standard guarantee that covers any natural defects such as, splitting, cracking, warping of the woods used in our entire range

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