1851 Morphy Series 4.4" Boxwood & Ebony Chess Pieces

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English chess master, Howard Saunton, promoted this set at the first international chess tournament in 1851. Its clearly distinguishable pieces soon became the competition standard known as the 'Staunton' set. 

These beautifully handcrafted chess pieces are also fitted with the base lozenge that was used on the original 1849/51 sets. 

Letter of Authenticity included staunton chess

4.4-inch king height

Natural grained Ebony and Boxwood

This set is a detailed replica of the original Jaques  circa 1849/51. 

Chessboard for display purposes only 


We offer a 3 year standard guarantee that covers any natural defects such as, splitting, cracking, warping of the woods used in our entire range

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