All Tastes and Styles 

Chess sets for sale in the UK. Our variety of chess pieces is more broad and caters to all tastes and styles. All providers are inspected carefully for ethics and quality therefore that simply the best Chess Men are added into our scope.


Conventional Staunton Chess sets for sale 

While we stock a huge array of chess bits that our most common style is your traditional Staunton Chess Men. Infact of all of the bits we need forsale Staunton reflects the lions share of the stock. It's unquestionably that the archetypal collection of chessmen and usually the main one clinically known as the norm and also the standard. Even the Staunton design came around from the middle 1800s if Howard Staunton, a top baseball player in the moment, was frustrated with all the huge gap in chess bits in contests. He had been frustrated when playing against individuals who insisted on with odd places at which the bits weren't immediately realized.



Despite the enormous fame for Staunton we stock a assortment of exemplary quality softball bits, a few lovely Italian metallic chessmen along with the mythical Isle of Lewis Chess Men. Our scope also offers some very brightly colored decorative wooden chess pieces that are hand carved from exotic Indian hard woods.





You may see we now have a area of our site totally devoted to this Isle Of Lewis Chess Pieces. These mythical Chess Men are most likely the 2nd most widely used and comfortable design after Staunton. Inside our variety of why Lewis Chess Men could be your ever common SAC collection which retails at less than eighty lbs. In addition, we stock the awesome National Museum Scotland place which we respect as the state collection. It's been made from laser scans of their original bits and commissioned through an British manufacturer by a few of the leading authorities on the topic. Chess sets for sale  







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