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Collectible Chess Sets carved with rare expensive wood

High quality chess sets have always been seen as collectable things with old classic sets frequently fetching high quantities of money. 1 huge factor which will impact the collect ability is the type of wood it's been crafted from. To get a set of chess pieces to be made to a good standard they must be created from a dense hardwood. Woods like ebony and rosewood are perfect for this purpose but both such forests now sit on the endangered list.

The deforestation, sale and distribution of the woods has now become severely restricted. Part of the reason behind this can be that exotic woods like ebony come out of a shrub that can take more than one hundred years to grow. So sustainable sourced' ebony just does not exist and won't exist anytime soon.Large stocks of these woods are generally only found in warm countries and undeveloped countries like India where the authorities are just beginning to guard these trees through pressure from western governments and NGOs using a pro environmental agenda. Because of this the value of things produced from Brazilian rosewood has increased dramatically.

Those who had the fore sight to see what was happening with the price of those woods took it upon themselves to put money into enormous quantities of it. Producers of wooden craft goods who bought big stocks of ebony and rosewood have made an excellent investment as the total cost of the timber rises each year. Indeed a number of the worlds biggest chess piece manufacturers bought literally heaps of lovely hardwoods and shop this wood in warehouses on their premises.At the time of writing the worldwide export and supply of luxury hardwoods has become severely restricted. The Indian government for example have banned the export of ebony and rosewood because of raw material. They do however enable the export of it once it's been crafted into a product. This is only because they have an obligation to help and stimulate the economy and so much of their local market comes in hand crafts.

If they prohibited the export of certain wooden products the influence on the market would be detrimental to say the least. It's reasonable to assume that as the markets of the developing nations grow and prosper they will impose additional restrictions of the export and usage of luxury rare woods like ebony and rosewood. It is sensible to assume that within ten years a whole export ban on those woods will be levied thus forcing chess set producers to use less desirable forests in production. We spoke to a single chess manufacturer who stated he has sufficient shares of wood to last him the next ten decades. One interesting disparity is the fact that it's now possible to get a set of real ebony chess pieces from the united kingdom for less money than the cost of the raw ebony material at current UK prices.

Indeed to source ebony in large enough chunks to generate a set of chessmen is very difficult in Europe. It is simply due to nations like India and Pakistan that crafted ebony things are still available at a reasonable price.So just how much of an investment would your luxury chess set become? It is a tough question to answer because it is unlikely you'll ever wish to sell your chess set, they are items of beauty and desire. An interesting point to consider is that for a rare hardwood item to be of high value it must be crafted to an outstanding degree of quality. Simply being produced from ebony isn't good enough. A set of inferior quality chessmen made from ebony is a terrible investment and a sad waste of a rare material. Ensuring you buy an established brand of chessmen will surely help maintain the value of your collection.

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