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Different Styles of Chess Pieces in the UK, and the Lewis Chess Set

Our assortment of wood chess pieces is more broad and caters for all tastes and styles. Even the Official Chess Company stocks only the top wooden chess pieces, really our range of luxury Staunton chess pieces has become a number of the greatest collections in Europe and contains the worlds' finest wooden chess pieces.

Our chess pieces are made and imported from the number of different countries including Italy, Poland, India and England. All providers are inspected carefully for quality and ethics therefore that merely the finest chessmen are added into our scope.

While we stock a vast variety of chess pieces our most common style is your classic Staunton chessmen. In fact of all the pieces we have available Staunton reflects the lions share of the stock. It is unquestionably that the archetypal collection of chessmen and usually the main one clinically known as the standard and also the standard. The Staunton design came about from the middle 1800s when Howard Staunton, a leading baseball player in the time, had become frustrated with the vast difference in chess pieces in contests. He had been frustrated when playing against individuals who insisted on with weird sets where the bits weren't instantly comprehended.

Staunton did not design the Staunton Chess Men, he loved the design and set his name to every set. He encouraged it heavily from his writings that were published on chess and for him the group became a enormous hit worldwide. As a pair of chessmen it illuminates all the appropriate boxes. It had been simple to fabricate, looked very elegant, it was ergonomic and practical and perfect to play with a game of chess with. They are unquestionably that the ultimate chess pieces and are adopted by most of the language chess associations as the standard contest Chess Men.

Despite the huge popularity for Staunton we stock a assortment of exceptional quality ornate pieces, a few lovely Italian chess boards along with the mythical Isle of Lewis chessmen. Our scope also offers some very intricately carved decorative wooden chess pieces which are hand carved from exotic Indian hardwoods.Also included in our assortment of chess pieces can be a little selection of classic reproduction Chess Men.

These are precise copies of antique designs for example some pre-Staunton places like Northern up right and St George. All these sets of chess pieces are produced for the greatest possible standards from the finest Indian ebony timber and are just as the originals, just much cheaper of course.

You will notice we now have a section of the website totally dedicated to the Isle Of Lewis Chess Pieces. These mythical chessmen are likely the 2nd most popular and comfortable design after Staunton.

Welcome to the Official Staunton Website
The leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction

Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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