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Chess Sets by the Official Staunton™ Chess Company

Why buy from us?

Our sets are aesthetically pleasing in every sense of the word, giving rise to a new standard of excellence. Our promise your chess set will be the envy of all your opponents. You not only own it but you become a caretaker of it for future generations. Make the right move, choose a Official Staunton chess set. 

Who makes our Chess Sets? 

We have long established business relationships with three of the oldest and most respected artisan work hubs in Amritsar, India. This old cottage industry supplies its wares to almost all the chess retailers Worldwide. Our main suppliers are wonderfully talented and host the most amazing carvers. Our sets simply exude quality, the carving, precision turning and right down to the hand polishing, exceptional sets and competitively priced. 

Our range of Chessboards

We have teamed up with Rechapados Ferrer the renown chess board manufacturer from Spain. We have added some quality Palisander Rosewood and Lacquered Anegre black deluxe boards to our collection to give you even more choice. We have superb magnetic travel sets which prove very popular as a gift for the younger generation, our 10 inch magnetic sets are now supplied with a drawstring bag, very handy for travel chess on the go and storage. 


  SHOPPING SECURITY ASSURED. Here at the Official Staunton Chess Company we understand the importance of online security and with an increased awareness to personal data protection we have recently undergone a complete overhaul to implement full "https" security of the highest possible integrity. We believe we are the only chess company to offer such stringent measures. When you shop online for chess sets be sure to look out for the secure https icon. Data security is paramount to your shopping experience and therefore our advice is to shop at websites that have taken these strict security measures and be sure wherever your online shopping journey may take you, to look for the green lock icon. Rest assured of our commitment to online security and your shopping experience here at The Official Staunton Chess Company store


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Official Staunton™ have been proudly serving customers since 1993 with our top of the range chess pieces, boards, clocks and more. We also hand-pick the finest boards from around the world. Our collections are limited editions and collectibles, and some lines are registered with the copyright bureau. But we don't just stop at quality merchandise: One of our highest values is customer service,and we are committed to working tirelessly to give you the best experience possible. We aren't satisfied unless you are. That's why we offer a full 60 day return policy as well as a 24 month guarantee. So welcome to our site, take a look around, and fall in love with our beautiful hand crafted products. If you have any questions, please contact us or if you have some special requirements we'll do our best to help you find what you're looking for. We look forward to working with you.  

  • Staunton is the ultimate for players and collectors alike. Its present standing in its impeccable ancestry is unquestioned. The firm introduced the first Staunton design to players in October of 1849 and have been producing the world standard ever since. World Championship matches from the Zukertort Blackburn battle in 1882 to the Karpov - Kasparov encounters over 100 years later were played on original Jaques equipment. At Fischer's insistence, three were made for their legendary World Championship encounter in Reykjavik. Korchnoi and Karpov would not start play in their World Championship match in Manila until an original Jaques could be provided. Jaques have been and are the "Gold Standard" . A Jaques will always hold its value and constantly brings the highest prices at auction. The form, board presence and exquisite craftsmanship of a Jaques have been recaptured in our Antiqued collection and are being offered for the first time through our company. 



Our company has been in the chess business for many years, during this time we have met with some of the finest and worse chess set manufacturers and so called dealers. It has been an experience to say the least! Our company director, Carl Miceli has spent years sourcing the finest chess sets and chess boards manufacturers to ensure our company offers nothing less than sheer quality. Time is a great leveller and Carl has used this time to sift through the many middle men peddling poor quality chess sets and now only works with the top 3 main manufacturers in Amritsar, India.

It has taken substantial time and hard learned lessons to finally get to a point where we now only deal with the best! so all in all, a costly learning curve, but one that allows us to move forward positively and confident that we are retailing the finest hand carved chess pieces available on the market.

When you search the internet for you will be presented with a google page of many relevant chess companies to choose from. How do you know which to choose? Do you look for the lowest price for example? What about the quality of a chess set? What about the materials used to make it? Will it stand the test of time, and will the set be a quality set of chess pieces to hand down generations? These are questions to consider seriously when spending a lot of your hard earned money. Our promise to our customers is that you can be sure of sterling quality, backed with the knowledge that your chess set has been hand carved using quality materials and made with care and attention to detail. 

Indeed buying a chess set may present with many decisions. Size of the chess pieces, the base diameter of the king (usually the largest piece) will the pieces fit on the board you may already have? or thinking of buying. The standard size as used in tournament chess competitions is approx 3.75 Inch (95mm) 

First you need to consider the size of playing square of the chessboard where the pieces will be used. For example; a chessboard with a square size of 2 Inch would require a kings base diameter to be no greater than 75% and no less than 60%. This method is used in respect of different sized chess sets also. 

When considering a chess set, first consider your budget and what the set will be used for; if it is for example a set used for a beginner then perhaps a simple economy set would suffice. Then if the beginner decides to stay with the game they could always upgrade to a decent set of staunton chess pieces. 

There are so many wooden chess set designs to choose from and a fair choice of plastic chess sets usually used in schools and chess clubs worldwide. The main wood used to carve and turn a chess set is Boxwood. Boxwood is almost always used for the lighter pieces. The darker materials used varies for example- Ebony, Sandalwood, Padouk, Rosewood, Sheesham make very attractive counterparts to Boxwood. The most expensive and somewhat restricted is Sandalwood.

Making a chess set is somewhat considered to be a masterful art, indeed not many understand the process and labour intensive procedure to make just a single set! Some of our sets in the luxury category take up to and over 40 hours to complete! For example, the work a carver has to undertake from choosing the dried wood to completing a single chess knight piece. Here is an example of a hand carved chess piece, featuring a Knight from our 1849 Jaques Chess Set (reproduction) 

 chess piece image

Those with a keen eye for detail will note the accurate facial features in this chess piece. The sublime finish to a fine set of chess pieces as illustrated is achieved with hours of hand rubbing the pieces using only a shellac to protect and add aesthetic to each individual chess piece (32 pieces to a full chess set)

Here at The Official Staunton Chess Company we have a wide and varied choice of chess set, pieces. boards and we are certain you will find the appropriate set.  

Welcome to the Official Staunton Website
The leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction

Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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