1849 Antique Lacquered Edition 4.4" Chess Pieces & Antique Ochre Board

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

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Limited Edition of (50 sets only) each will be numbered with a certificate of authenticity. 

To say we are delighted with this new addition to our 2017 winter catalogue would be an understatement! Quite simply the best! The lustre finish and antique colour is something to behold. We have also used untreated ebony highlighting the beautiful and natural shades of ebony flowing through the wood.


1849 Antique Lacquered and Ebony Chess Set. We are delighted with this latest addition to our winter 2017 catalogue. This set is the best 1849 reproduction in the World, nothing comes close! Collectors Worldwide are raving positively about this design. 

Our production is a detailed replica in the style of an original set manufactured by the British company, circa 1849. English chess master, Howard Saunton, promoted this set at the first international chess tournament in 1851. Its clearly distinguishable pieces soon became the competition standard known as the 'Staunton' set. 

The set has embellishments which include the kingside stamping

4.4 Inch King height- Ebony/Antique Boxwood -core weighted. Lacquered finish to the boxwood pieces.

This board is the perfect platform for most of our reproduction chess pieces. Made in Italy by maestros of inlaid works. A must have chess board for the collector!

Height of Sovereign
4.4 Inch
1.85 Inch
Weight of Ebony Sovereign
Materials Used
How many Queens?
Chessboard Square Size
2.36 Inch

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