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A fabulous and accurate reproduction of the historic Overstamped Leuchars chess men. Intricate and finely carved knight heads with robust counterparts makes this the must have set for the club player! 

These beautiful tournament chessmen are heavily weighted and perfectly balanced to streamline your game play. 

In true spirit of the golden Jaques era, the king side rooks and knights have embellishments pioneered by the great London company John Jaques.  


Height of Sovereign
3.50 Inch
1.75 Inch
Weight of Sovereign
89 grams
Materials Used
How many Queens?
Recommended Chessboard Square Size
2.25 Inch


was established at 47 Piccadilly, London in 1794 by James Leuchars.
In 1820, the business moved to 38 Piccadilly shortly before James Leuchars died in 1822.

The Leuchars Overstamped refers to a batch of early 1849 Jaques sets that were overstamped (ie rebranded) and then sold by Leuchars.

Lucy Leuchars, James’ widow, continued the business under the name of L. Leuchars. In 1837, the same year as Queen Victoria came to the throne, the firm was awarded the Royal Warrant for their supply of dressing cases to the royal family. Expanding to 39 Piccadilly in 1841, the name had now changed to Lucy Leuchars & Son; the ‘Son’ referring to William Leuchars. After Lucy’s death in 1847, William gained sole responsibility for the business.

Leuchars exhibited  at the Great Exhibition of 1851, the International Exhibition of 1862, and went on to win a silver medal for their dressing cases at the 1867 Paris Exposition.
In 1870, under the name of Leuchars & Son, William Leuchars along with his son, also called William, opened a further shop at 2 Rue de la Paix in Paris. When William Sr died in 1871, the business was continued on by William Jr, and it was under his control that they won a gold medal for their dressing cases at the 1878 Paris Exposition.
In 1884, Leuchars moved their existing manufactory from 31 Gerrard Street, Soho, London to 8 Sherwood Street, Golden Square, London.

William Jr finally agreed to sell the business, along with their Sherwood Street manufactory, to Asprey in 1888. Leuchars continued to trade from their 38 & 39 Piccadilly address until 1902.

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