Burnt Orange & Black Colours Series with Anegre Chess Board

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

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The colour series chess pieces featuring a large 4.00 Inch king. A classic Staunton design finished in stunning gloss paint lacquered coating. An aesthetically pleasing and practical chess set that would look fantastic on display.



A Stunning centrepiece and the perfect platform to host your army of chessmen. This chessboard features a anegre and maple swatch with solid and stable mdf core ensuring no warping or splitting, will last generations: and is sure to brighten up your room as well as your chess games!

 A fully lined underside ensures no placement will scratch the furniture. This beautiful chessboard is suitable for many various styles of chess pieces. 

22 Inch Size - 2.48 Inch Squares

57cm Size  - 63mm squares 

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