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Havana Second Edition Lacquered Antique & Ebony Chess Pieces

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

£249.50 GBP £349.00 GBP


A fine Lacquered Antique and Ebony set of Chessmen. Beautifully hand carved turned and polished set of chess pieces. The set features kingside stamping and kings foot rims are stamped with our company name to assure you are buying an authentic Official Staunton set 


Height of Sovereign
3.78 Inch
1.75 Inch
Weight of Sovereign
70  grams
Materials Used
Antiqued Boxwood / Ebony
How many Queens?


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  • Hello. What size square would you suggest for this chess set? I realise that colour, texture and patterning are very subjective but which board would you recommend for this set? With thanks. John.

    a chess board with at least a 50mm square size