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1851 Staunton Ebony & Boxwood Chess Pieces

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

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We have successfully reproduced what we believe to be one of the finest chess set patterns circa 1849-55.

This magnificent set would grace any living room or office and would be the perfect gift for the statesmen, chess enthusiast or chess collector alike.

This beautiful handmade chess set has been precision weighted. Each piece has been meticulously finished to exacting standards and has fast become one of our best selling sets. 

The set features kingside embellishments.  


Height of Sovereign
4.4 Inch
1.90 Inch
Weight of Ebony Sovereign
100  grams
Materials Used
Boxwood / Ebony
How many Queens?
Recommended Chessboard Square Size
2.36 Inch


Questions & Answers

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  • It may just be the studio lighting, but the boxwood pieces in these images appear to be very white looking. Are these natural boxwood pieces, or have they been whitened with some sort of spray finish ? I have two other sets from OS that were not antiqued, that have taken on a beautiful honey-colored patina over time. Would it be reasonable to expect that these will do the same, or have they been treated to make them look this way ?

    The boxwood is not treated and is a natural boxwood. Patina will develop as expected over time 

  • Is this set "1851 Staunton Ebony & Boxwood Chess Pieces" also in a smaller size (4") available?

    The 1851 is only available with 4.4 King