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Collectors Rosewood Walnut Chess Set

The Official Staunton™ Chess Company

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Exceptional hand carved Boxwood and Rosewood triple weight broad base chess pieces will make a fine addition to your chess collection. The classic Staunton-style design is traditional and eye-catching. Beautifully hand carved boxwood and rosewood; each is triple weighted for stability and satisfying heft.

The broad, felted bases will streamline gameplay and protect your chess board. Matched perfectly with our stunning Italian made prestigious Walnut and Maple chess board. A stunning high gloss coated surface, the perfect platform for these incredible hand carved and turn chess pieces.

A perfect matching walnut luxury chess box makes this combination a must have in your chess collection. 

Height of Sovereign
   4.4 Inch
1.95 Inch
Weight of Sovereign
  80 grams
Materials Used
How many Queens?
Chessboard Square Size
2.36 Inch

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  • Kind of ironic that a shop selling Chess sets doesn't know how to set-up the board and pieces correctly!

    hey there Magnus Carlsen !!! .. yes we are aware and it is not ironic in the slightest ; perhaps you have not considered the mitigating circumstances that our non chess playing photographer for those particular images set up the board incorrectly

    hope your chess goes from strength to strength Magnus !! :) 

  • Is it possible to buy only the board?

    Yes the board may be purchased in the chess board category

  • Thank You for answer. If I order this set today is it possible to deliver this item to Poland (Wroclaw) before 25 September? It's really important, because It'd be gift. Do You accept payment by PayPal? Regards Dawid

    Thank you for your message

    Order by today / Thursday 21st- Latest for delivery, we also  accept Paypal



  • Hello, How long have I wait for this item? regards, Dawid Karpinski

    Thank you for your message. The Collector Rosewood Chess Pieces and Walnut chess box are in current stock. We are awating delivery of the walnut chessboards which we are advised will be delivered to us by mid- September