Antique Cooke 3.5" Edition Dark Antiqued & Ebony Chess Pieces – Official Staunton™

Antique Cooke 3.5" Edition Dark Antiqued & Ebony Chess Pieces

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

£239.40 GBP £399.00 GBP



New for Spring 2018 we introduce the Cooke Antique and Ebony chess pieces. Maintaining the traditional design specifications to the romantic chess era. The masters of our craft who pioneered the Staunton design attributed to and endorsed by the British chess master Mr Howard Staunton. 

A beautiful chess set perfectly suited for a study analysis or taking to your local chess club 

Dark Antique Boxwood / Ebony wood 

3.5 Inch King Height with a base diameter  1.57"

King Weight 46 gms

4 Queens 



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