1849 Cooke Morphy 4.4" King Edition Distressed Antique & Natural Ebony

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

£446.25 GBP £595.00 GBP


A magnificent reproduction of an early Cooke 1849 chess set.

Our artisans have applied a technique called " distress antiquing" a process which results in the chess pieces looking aged, worn and well used'! This set is best suited to the serious chess collector and connoisseur.

Along with the original 3.5," version we decided to recreate this beautiful set with a much larger 4.4 " King. The general consensus among chess collectors favoured this size. 

Antiqued Distressed Boxwood and Natural Ebony

PLEASE NOTE - This set has purposely been made to look aged antique, worn and well used 

King height is 4.4″ and base size is 2.00″. King Weight 97gms 

This set includes King side stamping to Knight and Rook and Kings foot rim bears our company insignia 

Please note (images)  the camera lighting makes these pieces appear lighter in colour  

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