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Gallant Knight Chess Pieces

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

£299.00 GBP £499.00 GBP


This beautiful chess set is an absolute visual delight with knights that have tucked in their heads in a gallant poise awaiting the chess masters ultimate duel of the mind.

The hand carving to the knights in particular is meticulous. This set exemplifies a perfect combination of distinct beauty and functionality.

King Height: 4.75 inches, weight of King 116g
King's Base Diameter: 1.85inches
Materials Used: Padauk wood and Boxwood


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  • How are the chessmen packed, Do they not come in their own box that can used for storage. Thanks Pete

    In retail packaging. 
    A chessbox is not supplied but may be purchased seperately 

  • Was looking at buying Gallant knight chess set, but your boxes only hold kings up to 4.5 inches, whereas gallant king is 4.75 inches. Is their another box to hold the pieces or room somehow to fit the king in current boxes.

    Purchase one of the boxes that accomodate a 4.5 king but choose one without the divide will be suitable. Please note chess pieces are not stood upright in boxes they are laid down on top each other