Kings Knight Bridled Walnut Combination

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Beautifully hand carved kings bridled pieces, made from Sheesham wood and boxwood. Featuring the bridled knight with meticulously carved knights. 

Hand carved from sheesham wood also known as golden rosewood and boxwood hardwood.

King Height 3.5 inches, double weighted and green fabric felted pieces. Supplied with our mahogany and sycamore chessboard and basic solid Sheesham wood box.

Now supplied with an upgraded quality root wood chess box 

An excellent chess set combination at a very competitive price!

Matched perfectly with a tournament sized Walnut and Sycamore chess board. 

Height of Sovereign
  3.50  Inch
1.50 Inch
Weight of Sovereign
48 grams
Materials Used
How many Queens?
Chessboard Size
19.00 Inch


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