Paul Morphy Sheesham Solid Mahogany Chess Set

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Paul Morphy Chess Pieces

3.5 Inch King, double weighted and perfectly balanced with fitted Green felt pads to the pieces.
This set ships with 4 Queens as standard!

Solid Mahogany Framed Chess Board

This incredibly well made chessboard is constructed using palisander and maple inlays and has a thick solid mahogany frame which compliments the playing field. Hand inlay by specialists from Sorrento, Italy.

56cm x 56cm

58mm square size


Solid Mahogany Chess Box

Matched perfectly with this stunning hand made solid mahogany chess box. 

A beautifully made box to store your chess army in. Hand made using the finest mahogany. A solid mahogany box throughout, no veneer here! felt lined and will store up to and including a 4.25 inch King. Brass furniture, lock key with tassel.

24 x 19 x 11 cm

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