Selene Knight Luxury Chess Pieces

Official Staunton™

£349.00 GBP £399.00 GBP


The Knight in this design originates from the Horse of Selene and is from the east pediment of the Parthenon in Athens, a temple from ancient Greece famed for its incredible marble sculptures. The horse originates from the Acropolis in Athens and dates to 438-432 BC.

The sculpture captures the very essence of the enervation felt by a beast that has spent the night drawing the chariot of the moon goddess across the sky. The horse pins back its ears, the jaw gapes, the nostrils flare, the eyes bulge, veins stand out and the flesh seems spare and taut over the flat plane of the cheekbone.

A handsome home gift inspired by ancient Greece

King Height 4.5" 

Weighted and felted bases 

Hardwoods of Padauk and Boxwood

Hand carved 

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