Craftsman Antique Lacquered Chessmen

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We are delighted to reintroduce this historic chess set. 

The Golden Castle Company of Japan, which made very high-quality chessmen from the late 1940's until the early 1970's, this set comes in simple Acacia wood hinge top box, with a label affixed to the inner top.

The company was located in the Kagoshima Prefecture. The wood used by Golden Castle was tsuge, a very hard and rare form of boxwood, and when supplies of the wood dwindled, the company ceased production. The darker set is Boxwood stained wood with a lacquer finish, the lighter side is also Boxwood and has a clear lacquer finish showing the Antique wood color.

The sets are weighted and have felt bottoms. "The Craftsman" model is considered the most desirable and is most similar to Staunton designs, and those of Jaques Marshall. 

The king measures 3 1/2" with a base diameter of 1.75" 

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