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Walnut Prestige Fierce Knight Chess Set

Official Staunton™ Chess Company

£194.97 GBP £299.95 GBP


Featuring the Fierce Knight! Lovely set with very nice carving to the Knight pieces in particular. Hand carved from Sheesham wood and Boxwood. 

King 3.25" (83mm) 1.4" (38mm)

Dark Pieces Sheesham Wood
Light Pieces Boxwood

This stunning Giglio Asla Chess Board makes a fantastic centre piece to any study or living room. The beautiful root wood is complete with the same meticulous and classic intarsia inlay design that has defined the Sorrento company for over a century. This high gloss coated wood canvas is the perfect battlefield for the noble knight or the all-important queen.This board is a perfect example of tradition trumping trend, as the simple highlights of the wood and inlay are all the style a sartorial gamer should ever need. Truly, a beautiful board.


              DETAILS SQUARE SIZE 
2.00 Inch
Materials Used
Burl Root Walnut & Maple 
Chessboard Size
19.25 Inch x 19.25 Inch


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  • Hi do you sell this board on its own? I am keen this exact same one.

    You may find the exact chess board here