Did You Know... Chess?

Did you know this about chess?


You might claim to be a chess lover and you might claim that you have been looking for wooden chessboard at pawn shops: antique collecting, but we bet that we have some interesting facts about chess, which you do not know. For example, do you know that although chess champions belong to the West, chess was not invented in West? Chess was basically invented in India and long before it reached Europe, let alone America, it became known in the Middle East as shatranj. Isn’t this amazing? If you keep reading this article, I am sure that you will learn many new facts about chess.

So, you feel a little bit excited, and I think it is the exact time to spice up the excitement for you. As a chess fanatic you must be aware of all Western chess masters, but do you know that the first recorded game of the chess was not played by any westerners. A collector of chess pieces UK to buy like you, should be aware that the first recorded game of chess was played between a historian from Baghdad and his disciple. The time was around 900s. You might also not know that in the Middle East the bishop is called feil (an elephant).

You must know that chess is called the game of Kings. One reason of this name is the fact that Kings of all regions loved to play this game, but you might not be aware of the other reason. You should know that the king among your chess pieces to buy UK was not idle and lazy in the beginning of this game. There was a time when the King moved freely on the chessboard and it played an important role in the game.

Okay, enough for the history, a person having a craze for chessboards UK to buy would love to know more about his game. Do you know that once you make a move on your chessboard, you have 400 totally diverse possible positions? Here again we have a historical fact for you. The pawn move in the beginning of the game, in which a pawn is allowed to move two squares instead of one, was first introduced by Spanish players of chess in 1280. I bet you didn’t know this before; I bet you thought that everything great about chess was from the UK, USA or Russia.

Here is another fun fact for you. Waiting for your friends, looking for wooden chessboard you must haven’t ever thought that a simple and yet complicated game of chess might have been played between space and earth. Yes, it is true. It happened on the 9th of June, 1970 that humans in space and on earth, played a game of chess and it ended in a draw. You are free to play chess, get any chess pieces UK to buy as you please, but do you know that there was a time when people were not allowed to play chess and a person in love with chess invented a folding chessboard, which could easily be concealed from the eyes of other people.

If you really love to play chess and in your dictionary chess is another synonym of leisure, you must know that sometimes a chess game stretches of hours. You and your opponent keep moving the pieces, trying to dodge each other, but both of you fail to end the game. Do you know how long a game of chess may go? It is 5,949 moves. While the shortest game will take at least 2 moves. Isn’t this amazing? Have you ever used the horse or the bishop in collaboration with the queen to give a checkmate to the opposite King?