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    15 products
    Beech Chess Box - Official Staunton™
    Beech Chess Box
    Official Staunton™
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    Small Mahogany Slide Lid Chess Box - UK Made - Official Staunton™
    Small Mahogany Slide Lid Chess Box - UK Made - Official Staunton™
    Small Mahogany Slide Lid Chess Box - UK Made
    Official Staunton™
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    Large Mahogany Slide Lid Chess Box - UK Made - Official Staunton™
    Large Mahogany Slide Lid Chess Box - UK Made - Official Staunton™
    Large Mahogany Slide Lid Chess Box - UK Made
    Official Staunton™
    £99.00 GBP

    We stock a fine collection of boxes to store your heirloom chess pieces. Various sizes and styles. Our luxury chess boxes are handmade in Italy and are unsurpassed in quality and are competitively priced. For the budget-minded we have a very nice artisan range of boxes, these boxes are of excellent value and are the perfect home for chess pieces ranging from 3.5 inches right up to 4.5 inches. We hope you find a suitable box for your pieces, enjoy our collection. 

    Which Style of Chess Box Should You Choose For Your Chess Pieces? 

    Chess players have a variety of chess sets, where chessboards and chess pieces can be interchangeable to provide more variety. There are often stored in magnetic folding boxes, wooden folding boxes or exquisitely handcrafted wooden chess boxes to store each piece perfectly in its place. As devouring as the latter sounds, there are a plethora of chess boxes that showcase brilliant craftsmanship and styles. Some consist of boards while others are just chess pieces. Chess pieces have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials to match the chess boxes and boards accordingly. The Staunton chess pieces are supplied by various vendors and are crafted from various regions such as India, Italy, and Spain. These are often paired with beautifully crafted Staunton chessboards, in terms of design and aesthetics.

    Types of Chess Boxes

    The chess boxes contain pieces of various designs and colours, materials and finishing, depending on the wood used on the chess box. These are inclusive of highly detailed antique chess pieces with a matte finished look that looks divine on a glossy chessboard, which has been lacquered to perfection. The contrast of matte chess pieces and glossy boards often look wonderful, with matching dark and light colours to enhance the look. The materials used can also add to the aesthetic appeal such as ivory, metal or stone chess pieces. Some chess boxes are coffered accordingly to provide padded storage space for each chess piece, which allows the pieces from colliding with each other and chipping off. These are highly recommended if the chess sets are being transported or being used while travelling. Most chess boxes include coffers, slide-top boxes, fitted briefcases, standard coffers or customised boxes. The slide-top boxes are smaller than coffers and include detachable dividers between pieces. Most of these are lined with green cloth and come with quadrant hinges.

    Various boxes are of high quality and come in as complete sets so that they aren’t mismatched. These boxes range from vinyl, leather, and boxwood to hardwood chess boxes. The luxury chess boxes are often carded from high-grade boxwood to ebony, with pieces easily fitting into their unique compartments. The chess pieces if crafted according to the Staunton standards can fit perfectly into any chess box without causing any damage. Some pieces have leather base pads to prevent scratches on glossy surfaces or more economic green felt base pads. When often pairing the chess boxes with chess pieces, wood can be taken into consideration such as natural boxwood and genuine ebony chess pieces can be placed in mahogany, walnut, or teak boxes. However, if the chess pieces are more reddish-brown in tone with natural boxwood and blood rosewood, then they can be stored in contrasting dark colours.

    Chess Boxes That Fit the Right Chess Pieces

    Chess sets can consist of antique wooden chess boxes, which are extremely elegant and have various sorts of chessboards and pieces such as Lewis Ivory or Mahogany chess sets, to give a lasting appeal. Such fine wooden chess boxes can be the perfect storage for heirloom chess pieces, of various sizes and styles. At the Official Staunton Chess Company, these chess boxes are handmade in Italy and are unsurpassed in quality. The Economy chess boxes consist of boxes that are excellent in terms of value and are for chess pieces that range from 3.5 inches to 4.5

    inches. Despite some of the high-quality materials and designs being used, these chess boxes are affordable and inexpensive. At an economical price, these can be paired with the right chessboard and chess pieces to complete the overall set.

    Luxury chess boxes are made of excellent quality wood and crafted by artisans who also create celestial chess pieces and chessboards. These woods can range from mahogany to naturally striped ebony wood and include uncommon and valuable woods such as rosewood, sandalwood, and black ebony. These chess pieces are usually paired with strong dark, and relatively glossy surfaced boards. These woods are less conventional and have a more alluring grain design, with warm rich orange, purple, red and darker tones.

    Matching the chess pieces and the chessboard, however, is essential in creating a look that will complement the whole set. If there are dark pieces in the chess set, then they should blend exceedingly well with the dark squares on the board. A blend of light and dark helps, to ensure that the chess pieces stand out on the light and dark squares equally.

    The durability of Chess Pieces in Chess Boxes

    Chess pieces are made of various materials that can be strong such as high-quality wood, stone or metal but can also be made of delicate materials such as glass or porcelain. In order to ensure that they maintain their shape, size, and form, it is important that they are stored in a way that is best for their future use. Durability is essential in terms of storage as you don’t want your chess box to be falling apart, or to be easily scratched lowering the overall appeal. Therefore, when choosing durable chess pieces, plastic and wood can bear extensive wear and tear, and avoid breakages or chips to a large degree. These can also be excellent for children, or travel.

    If chess pieces are fine and a lot delicate in nature such as glass or porcelain, then these need to be handled in coffered boxes that are catered to cushion each piece separately. As some pieces can bear constant movement and usage, they can be stored in chess boxes that don’t have individual spaces or slide-top boxes or fitted briefcases. Hence, a cheaper option can always be used for their storage. Also, these chess boxes must be looked into in detail when it comes to maintenance, such as polishing or change of hinges.

    Conclusively, various chess boxes fit the need for a wide array of chess pieces. These can be economic or luxurious depending on the selection of chess pieces. The style can vary, depending on the wood and colour being selected. At the Official Staunton Chess Company, there are a variety of chess boxes that include durability, low maintenance, and various designs to fit your need, including coffered and briefcase boxes.