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The internet is littered with chess pieces of various materials, shapes and sizes. The staunton pattern chess design is the most popular and is what we primarily focus our sales efforts on. Our chess pieces are hand carved and turned by some of the most talented artisans in the World. We started out in 1993 and we have teamed up with the very best carvers in the World today. Amritsar India, city of the golden temple is home to this fabulous cottage industry, that sells its wares such as chess pieces and boxes and some extend to jewellery boxes and backgammon sets.

chess pieces

Above is a fine example of the staunton design. This particular set has undergone a process called "antiquing" where the boxwood ( lighter coloured wood) is stained and aged to resemble a vintage or antique looking chess set.

These types of antique pieces are much preferred by collectors and aficionados. Our collection of pieces are quite superb, we stock only the finest hand carved chess pieces in the World. 



The most popular wood used to carve chess pieces is boxwood ( Buxus) because of its fine grain and ease to manipulate shapes with tools and machinery. The luxury pieces use a opposing army in timbers of Ebony, Rosewood, Redwood and Sandalwood. Limited edition pieces can cost anywhere from £299 to £10,000 depending on various factors including the materials used. Some sets are manufactured using dead animal bones, usually bovine, Camel bone etc, below is a fine example.

bone chess pieces


Whatever your preference may be, we are absolutely certain we have the chess pieces for you, take a look around our website and fall in love with our beautiful catalogue of the finest chess pieces in the World.


Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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