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The internet is littered with chess pieces of various materials, shapes, and sizes. The Staunton pattern chess design is the most popular and is what we primarily focus our sales efforts on. Our chess pieces are hand carved and turned by some of the most talented artisans in the World. We started out in 1993 and we have teamed up with the very best carvers in the World today.

Amritsar India, the city of the golden temple is home to this fabulous cottage industry, that sells its wares such as chess pieces and boxes and some extend to jewelry boxes and backgammon sets. Whatever your preference may be, we are absolutely certain we have the chess pieces for you, take a look around our website and fall in love with our beautiful catalog of the finest chess pieces in the World. 


Tips For Purchasing Chess Pieces Most people realize that when it comes to buying chess pieces there are no rules set in stone. While size is a factor that should be calculated correctly and can play a large role in the aesthetic appearance of the entire chess set, other factors such as color and style are left to the discretion of the buyer’s tastes and imagination. That’s the beauty of putting together your own themed chess sets! Whether you are after elegant wooden chess sets for a more traditional look, or metal chess set to match a more contemporary décor, you will certainly find the ideal chess pieces to match virtually any type of chess board by letting your imagination run free.


The Color Of Your Chess Pieces

Most chess pieces of sale come in a wide range of colors and designs. However, there are differences to take into consideration in regards to the materials that the pieces are made of. For example, wood pieces work best with antique chess sets that have a matte finish, although some people also like to use them on glossy chess boards. Most wooden chess sets for sale also apply the use of contrast, making use of light rosewood chess pieces with dark chess boards, while and ivory chess set often uses black and white pieces on a lightly colored board. However, even with this consideration in mind, there is a lot of flexibility when choosing chess boards for sale to go with your favorite chess pieces. Metal chess pieces are often made of brass, which can complement any wooden chess board or more vibrant colors such as red and blue. A metal chess set usually has a glossy finish to it overall even if the accompanying board is made of wood.


Follow These Guidelines for the Perfect Size Chess Pieces

Themed chess sets vary greatly in sizes and themes chess pieces even more. Of primary importance is the length of the King piece. Tip: If you get the King chess piece just right, you’ll find that the other chessmen also fit in naturally on your chess board. As a general rule, use a board square size of less than 2 inches if the size of the King piece is small. You’ll often find that chess boards with a size of 1 ½ inches work ideally with small chessmen. Of course, you can go even smaller if you get one of those traveling chess sets or a kid’s chess set that come with their very own board and a case, but these kinds of sizes usually work ideally with small chess pieces. Now if your King piece has a length of over 4 ½ inches, you’ll have to buy a board with square pieces of over 2 inches in length. The height of the King piece also grows proportionally with the size of the squares. So, for example, if you are putting together a beautiful ivory chess set, and you King piece has a size of 6 inches, then you’d best get a matching chess board with square sizes of 2 ¾ inches. Using this technique you never have to worry about the diameter of the other chess pieces, since everything is standardized in proportion to the King’s size.

The More Precise Method of Matching Chess Pieces

A more precise method of matching chess pieces for an ideal themed chess set, is to measure the base diameter of the widest chess piece – once again, the King – and to divide it by 78%. Thus, if the base diameter of the King chess piece is 2 inches, you should opt for a square size of 2.5 inches. Most people prefer the first method to find the ideal matching chess pieces for their chess board because it is easier to use.





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