Luxury Hand Carved Staunton Chess Pieces

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A selection of sublime staunton chess pieces. Our wooden chess pieces are completely hand carved and turned and scrutinized at every stage of production to ensure the end result is nothing short of sheer quality. Our chess pieces carry a 2 year guarantee therefore investing in an Official Staunton™ chess set is certainly the right move!  What sets our chessmen aside? We have been working with the same manufacturer for over 20 years, the oldest and most respected of all and it is this reason we are so successful in our procurement and sales of high end quality staunton chess sets. We hope you enjoy our collection.


Chess gains in Popularity

The enthusiasm for table games may come as an astonishment in today's PC overwhelmed world.

Kids are presently twice as prone to play PC recreations (82%), contrasted with their guardians when they were youthful (38%), with six in ten of those youngsters (60%) playing feature amusements all alone.

The discoveries are distributed via Barclaycard to stamp the current year's global last of Yes2Chess, an activity it began two years back with the philanthropy Chess in Schools and Communities to advance the improvement of fundamental abilities in youngsters.

Barclaycard Europe boss, said: "Kids today have chances to both learn and play through an entire pontoon of diversions and innovations that have created following their guardians' era.

"Yet, our exploration has found that new innovation is not generally better, and a portion of the more customary recreations still have a spot in kids' lives today.

"Chess specifically has been indicated to enhance kids' numeracy and critical thinking aptitudes and in addition general instructive results, which is the reason we've been so energetic at Barclaycard to help bring it into schools.

"In today's reality, where numerous folks expect that they're investing less energy with their youngsters, there is no better approach to unite the family than to assemble cycle a prepackaged game or a pack of cards. Once in a while, the old ways are the best, and folks shouldn't be reluctant to swap their tablet for the chess board from time to time."

The period of youngsters playing PC recreations alone in their rooms could be arriving at an end as most would rather play chess or drafts with their families.

Customary diversions could see a rebound as an overview of 1,000 folks and their kids matured 7-14 demonstrates that the way youngsters play today has disintegrated family time.

The examination via Barclaycard found that a large portion of (43%) of kids say they don't sufficiently invest energy playing amusements with their family, ascending to over a large portion of (52%) amongst the most youthful tyke in families

A fifth of folks (21%) vibe that present day playing propensities have prompted the family fraternizing as youngsters' PC gaming has multiplied in an era.

Just about half the same number of youngsters play chess today (24%) contrasted with when their guardians were growing up (45%), and far less kids (44%) play card amusements than their guardians did (73%).

Yet, 66% of youngsters (67%) say they might want to figure out how to play customary amusements, for example, chess,draughts and cards.

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Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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