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53 products

    53 products
    13 Inch Walnut and Maple Magnetic Chess Set - Official Staunton™
    13 Inch Walnut and Maple Magnetic Chess Set
    Sale price £39.95 GBP Regular price £49.95 GBP Save £10 GBP
    15" Walnut Folding Chess and Checkers Set - Official Staunton™
    15" Walnut Folding Chess and Checkers Set
    Sale price £39.95 GBP Regular price £59.95 GBP Save £20 GBP
    1972 Antique English Anegre Combination - Official Staunton™
    1972 Antique English Anegre Combination - Official Staunton™
    1972 Antique English Anegre Combination
    Sale price £199.00 GBP Regular price £229.00 GBP Save £30 GBP


    Either you are deeply devoted to chess or just a collector looking for the most beautiful luxury chess sets, Official Staunton is the place to search for high quality products made of best materials. Not only are our chess sets beautifully carved and stylishly designed to enhance the aesthetic of any rooms but also make fantastic gifts for special individuals who appreciate modern luxury with their presents.

    We are devoted to giving you the best products at prices you will not find elsewhere. This way, we democratize luxury and let more collectors and chess lovers enjoy it. Get into our assortment right now and find a harmonious combination of old elegance and new sophistication in our luxury chess sets. 
    What makes the perfect chess set depends on your particular needs and desires. If you play chess competitively, then Staunton chess sets may be what you prefer. Conversely, if you are a collector looking for unique pieces, antique or vintage sets may be your preference.

    Bespoke Luxury Chess Sets: How We Do It 
    By Official Staunton, we offer custom luxury chess pieces by designing yourself. If you have a particular design in mind, let us know and we will help you realise it. Please be aware that custom orders are final & non-eligible for cancellation, refunds or exchanges.

    Of course! You can back-order goods that are presently out of stock. We shall start the production soon to ensure availability in due course.

    Tailoring Your Chess Set Design with Official Staunton- A Yes
    Indeed, that's what Official Staunton is here for, to convert your chess set ideas into the real objects. Let us know about your design preferences and we will guarantee you get perfect chessmen.

    Our Return Policy 
    We provide you with a 30-day return period which is hassle-free. Customers are required to contact us within 14 days of the date of receipt for return instructions . After we approve the return, you will need to send the item back to us. Upon close examination, we will give you refund full amount.

    Methods of Payment 
    You can pay us using various methods like PayPal, Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay) and many more. If you find the aforesaid methods unsuitable, please let us know and we will send you a Payoneer invoice.

    What Makes Our Chess Sets Exceptional 
    Every chess set we manufacture tells a story of opulence and quality, made to meet the fine aesthetic taste of both serious players and enthusiasts. The dedication of our master artisans to perfection is clear in each set, hence making Official Staunton your number one stop for luxury chess sets.

    In Appreciation of Our Quality Staff 
    Our team up with the artisans who have an experience of more than three decades guarantees that our chess sets are of an exceptional quality, and are made by the best craftsmen. Our devotion to fine work guarantees the durability and beauty of our products, all being offered at comparably low prices.

    What makes Official Staunton your best choice for Luxury Chess Sets 
    Our position as the prime respected chess store is based on our commitment to provide you with the very deluxe chess sets comprising of premium materials and crafted by artisans. With a wide collection to satisfy every taste and fashion , it is no wonder Official Staunton stands tall as the premier stop for luxury chess sets.

    Explore Our Unrivalled Collection of Chess Sets
    Improve your game with our top quality, luxury chess sets. They come in different finishes and styles so you will definitely find the one that will take your game to a higher level. Check out our offer today and you will see what makes our chess sets so appreciated.