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Official Staunton™ has been proudly serving customers since 1993 with our top of the range chess pieces, boards, clocks and more. We also hand-pick the finest boards from around the world. Our collections are limited editions and collectibles, and some lines are registered with the copyright bureau. But we don't just stop at quality merchandise: One of our highest values is customer service, and we are committed to working tirelessly to give you the best experience possible. We aren't satisfied unless you are. That's why we offer a full 60-day return policy as well as a 24-month guarantee. So welcome to our site, take a look around, and fall in love with our beautiful handcrafted products. 

Quality Chess Sets  Fit for The Game of Kings

Chess can be traced back almost 1500 years, with records showing early forms of the game originating in the Far East. It is believed that Northern India is where the game was first played during the 6th Century when it went by the name of Chaturanga (meaning military in Sanskrit). The early chess pieces  used represented the army’s infantry, cavalry and chariots and as time passed, these pieces would eventually evolve into the pawns, bishops and knights we know so well. Also, it’s from this period in the game’s history that the Persian word Shah (meaning king) was used to form the basis of the modern day words check and chess.

Over the centuries, the game spread from the East, through Persia, before becoming hugely popular in Europe. It wasn’t until around the 15th century however, that the Queen and the Bishop pieces were given a much greater scope of movement to make the game more exciting.

All these additions went into helping the game evolve into what we know it as today - something that is regularly enjoyed across the world by around 600 million people. It’s popularity is built on solid foundations, with most homes featuring chess sets  as an essential tool for enjoying this classic pastime. There are many with an appreciation of the game and the history it represents, meaning there is great demand for the creation of luxury chess boards , chess pieces  and chess sets .

Sublime Chess Boards 

Whilst the game itself is one of the most cerebral and enjoyable games in existence, however and wherever it is played, using a beautifully crafted chess set most certainly enhances the experience. At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we have an exquisite array of wooden chess boards  to please even the most ardent of chess connoisseurs. We are proud to be able to say that we are the Uk’s exclusive retail suppliers of wooden chess boards  created by Italian master craftsmen, Giglio Asia. We have a close relationship with the company, as it is owned by the Uncle of our very own director Carmelo Miceli. It is this unique position that allows us to supply chess boards  of the very highest quality to our customers - chess boards that will perfectly complement many different chess piece styles.

The chess boards  we offer all have the unmistakable Giglio Asia characteristics, created as they are from the most beautiful woods, such as mahogany, maple, walnut and ochre. Not only are our chessboards  the perfect platform on which to play the beautiful game, but they also form the perfect room centrepiece on which to display your chess pieces .

Exquisite Hand Carved Chess Pieces 

Perform even just a cursory search online and you’ll find a vast array of chess pieces  available, in wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials. The most instantly recognisable are, of course, Staunton Pattern chess pieces , which as the name of our company would suggest, are the type that we specialise in. What sets our chess pieces  apart from the rest is the craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Each of the chess pieces  that we supply are expertly hand crafted by the most skilful expert carvers in the business.

The pieces that we supply start life in Amritsar, in the Northwest Indian State of Punjab, the city that the Golden Temple calls home. So varied and wonderful are the chess pieces  that they create, that there’s something to suit every need and requirement.

Not only do chess pieces  come in a variety of designs and colours, but also in materials and finishes, depending on the look being sought. Each type will suit a different type of chess board and complement the finish and material it is made of for example, antique chess pieces with a matte finish will look amazing a wooden chess board, with glossy pieces looking fabulous chess boards  with a similar finish.

However, sometimes contrast can also work really well, with a matte finish going well with a glossy chess board, as do contrasts between light and dark colours. The materials being used can also have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your chess set, with wood, ivory effect and even metallic varieties available. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your perfect chess board/piece combination.

 Inspiring Chess Sets 

When it comes to playing chess, the equipment you use can be a real inspiration to making someone play more regularly, as chess sets  are there to be enjoyed, not hidden away. The sets available can be amazingly different, each able to be fulfill different purposes. You could opt for:


  • Perhaps an oversized outdoor chess set being able to be used as a garden ornament or as a way to introduce the kids to the game
  • An antique wooden chess set for those with a penchant for classic elegance
  • A miniature 7 inch magnetic travel chess set for enjoying the game on the move
  • Lewis Ivory and Mahogany chess sets, which provide a fantastic eye catching ornament for your home

As you can see, in this list, we’ve only just touched upon the wide variety of chess sets  available and we’ve already begun to show that the choice is dazzling.

Come and Take a Look

If you’d like to see the huge range of chess pieces , chess sets  and chess boards  that we have at the Official Staunton Chess Company, we’d recommend you take a look through our website www.officialstaunton.com, where you’ll find everything described here, as well as a multitude of fantastic artisan crafted products. Alternatively, if you’d to talk to one of our knowledgeable team, call us now on 01948 880 060 and they can offer you the benefit of their extensive experience in the industry. There’s never a bad time to being appreciating chess and with our help, you and your family can be enjoying the game and the magic it involves for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please contact us or if you have some special requirements we'll do our best to help you find what you're looking for. We look forward to working with you. For all things Chess related visit the Chess Site for a wealth of information.

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