Chess Sets Warranty at Official Staunton UK

We are proud of the quality of our products. We also want you to have the best value for your investment in our luxury products. This is why we offer all of them an exceptional 3 year warranty and Lifetime Warranty ( limited editions)  from the date of purchase.  


Warranty Coverage:

  • 3-year warranty and lifetime warranty (limited editions) from the date of purchase
  • Covers hairline cracks, moving weights inside the pieces, warping of the chess boards, adhesive problems, and shipping damage if reported immediately upon receipt

Warranty Exclusions:

  • Accidental or purposeful breakage of products
  • Scratches or other wear caused by excessive use or misuse
  • Discoloration from exposure to sunlight
  • Modifications made after purchase
  • Lost products
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning or polishing
  • Warping or other harm caused by extreme storage conditions

Warranty Requirements:

  • Products must be stored properly, away from sunlight (including sunlight through a window), in normal and stable room temperature and humidity.