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Wooden Chess Sets

84 products
    84 products

    There are lots of different styles of wooden chess sets, magnetic, folding, rosewood, and more. You should make sure that the wooden chess set you choose matches your style and your playing preferences as well as being made of high quality wood. 

    Our range of wooden chess sets at Official Staunton are some of the most sought after and renowned. We have folding wooden chess boards, hand carved wooden chess sets, walnut, mahogany, maple, and more. Browse our range to find the best wooden chess set for you

    Why Are Wooden Chess Sets So Popular? 

    Wooden chess sets are the most popular type of chess set among amateurs and professionals, but what makes them so sought-after? 

    Wooden chess sets are the most traditional looking type, which lends to their popularity. Their material also adds to their high quality look and feel. Using different wood types and carving methods gives wooden chess pieces striking and unique colours, such as Ebony and Boxwood and Rosewood and Boxwood.  

    Wooden chess sets are also ideal for tournaments, as their soft feel, easy positioning and elegant simplicity allow players to play with calm and confidence. They typically follow the standard Staunton pattern that amatures know and professionals use as standard. So, aside from looking pretty with intricate, detailed carvings, Staunton sets ensure a quality game experience and tournament regulation boards.

    Types Of Wooden Chess Sets

    When it comes to wooden chess sets, there are really two types based on quality. Their quality tends to be dictated by how they are made. Hand carved wooden chess sets are typically higher quality and more expensive. Whereas machine-made wooden chess sets are cheaper in price and quality. 

    Handmade Wooden Chess Pieces

    Handmade chess sets are expensive as each and every piece is carved by hand by experts craftsmen. The wooden chess pieces are carved from a single block of wood but may have slight differences as they are not machine made. Similarly, wooden chess boards are hand carved, square by square.

    Hand making a chess set involves hours of work, which means they take longer to produce. That also means that they are expensive to make and to buy. But, like any other hand-made item, hand carved wooden chess sets are desirable and high quality. 

    Machine-Made Sets

    Machine-made wooden chess pieces are made by machines from moulds or blueprint. Each one will be identical, unlike hand made pieces. Machine made chess sets also tend to be less expensive because they can be made quicker and cost far less to make. This means that more are available to buy, which can also drive market prices down. 

    Whether you choose a hand made or machine made chess set is entirely down to personal preference in looks and budget. All types of wooden chess set should be somewhat durable due to wood being a hard-wearing material. 

    Types Of Wood Used For Wooden Chess Sets

    Lots of different types of wood can be used to make a wooden chess set. The most common are Walnut, Maple, Rosewood, and Mahogany, as they are hard wearing and carvable woods. But some chess set designs will use more than one wood. Some higher quality wooden chess sets will use alternate types of wood in their construction to form the different colours of the board and the pieces. 

    Which Type Of Wood Is Best For A Chess Set?

    Which wood is best for your chess set is really down to personal preference. Although the quality of the wood matters as it will dictate the chess sets’ durability, each wood has its own characteristics and features. Choosing the right one for you is something that is personal really based on how it looks.

    Why Buy An Official Staunton Wooden Chess Set? 

    Quality of material is so important when it comes to buying a wooden chess set. It will almost guarantee that your set will last for a long time no matter how regularly you play. 

    We guarantee quality when you shop at Official Staunton. Our range of wooden chess sets are handcrafted using only the finest woods such as Acacia, Sheesham, Ebony and Rosewood. We also have lots of styles to fit every budget so that cost will never affect the quality of your chess set. Our weighted and felted wooden chess sets ensure that you have streamlined gameplay. Whereas our 7 inch and 10 inch magnetic portable wooden chess sets come with storage boards and travel pouches for your long plane or train journey.  Our magnetic chess sets are also foldable with individual compartments for each piece to ensure ultimate protection. Whatever your style, we only supply the best wooden chess sets in the UK.

    All of our wooden chess sets come with a 2 year warranty, so if you notice an issue with one of our products, you can come to us with the guarantee that we can give you the quality you deserve.  And if you find one of our products cheaper from a competitor, we guarantee to give you a better price.  

    Whatever type of wooden chess sets you’re looking at, our specialists at Official Staunton Chess Company can help you to find the right set for you. Speak to our team or explore our range and find the best wooden chess sets in the UK.