What Woods are used in the production of our chess sets?

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Official Staunton 1851 Jaques Reproduction Chessmen

1851 Replica Staunton Antiqued Chessmen nowadays and that I need to let you know the elegance of the beautiful collection ......happy me

Today concerning the collection. Let me make it clear, this really is among the greatest, or even the best Jacques reproduction collection I've observed up to now. But I believe I'd need to reveal the respects with the 1849 Staunton Replica Chessmen of Carl. Finishes and the boxwood are a view to see. The finish was constant on all of the items providing the impact to one the items are classic. The pieces were very well completed also it would not be soft for you to inform the distinction with items that are ebony. 4.4 is measured by Leaders " tall. The 34-piece collection includes additional Queens. Items are weighted with guide and foundation soles are coated with heavy green baize. The items are not quite unimpressive and carefully made. And just how about these exquisite hand-carved Knights? All I will state is incredible! Without question, the very best reproduction Jaques Knights I've seen. This collection certainly will not disappoint actually the collector and is recommended. I've incorporated several images for the search. A few of the images are revealed with 2.5" pieces on my chess stand.


Outstanding, he'snot missed and every collection has not been imperfect. That's an archive no-one can not come open to. I can not let you know cracked items or all of the damaged I obtained from so-called "top" sellers. They are doing a bad work not or in quality-control at all that we believe. Carl continues to be spot-on each time. Congrats Mike a beautifully, in your inclusion collection.

Cheers Paul, you're not therefore amiss! Nothing could be more disturbing subsequently to start you find and set cracked items, rosewood or sheesham wood pieces thatnot complement along with other item defects. But I need to applaud Carl about the safe packaging of a container along with my collection with containers having fixed slots for that items.

I acquired my collection today, also. I next everything Paul stated within the article above. Carl required all the evaluations he used the guidance towards the 1851 and obtained about the 1849 collection. This collection is definitely wonderful. Did you receive Paul, the container, also? Used to donot... Slightly too wealthy for my body. The collection is great value.

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The widest and best range of chess sets in the UK

If you're in the market for a chess board, while it is standalone or with a set of chessmen we've an enormous range to pick from. All of our chess boards are prepared for instant shipment and warehoused in the UK. Our boards are imported from Spain, Italy and Poland. So you can be reassured of complete satisfaction all the time, we only carry the very best quality chess boards. Here at chess sets UK we are experts in shipping premium quality chess boards throughout Europe, when your board is bought by you from us you may rest assured it is going to arrive in perfect state with all four corners shielded.

The UK's largest and best range of competitively priced chess sets is carried in our UK based warehouse and is prepared for prompt dispatch using either our free shipping or express delivery alternatives. We now have sourced a brilliant selection of chess sets from all around the world. We demand exacting quality standards while our costs remain low and we only stock the top layouts. Our Chess Sets are for sale to the entire world, despite us being based in the UK. We offer extremely well priced delivery options and can ship to any country in the world. For the professional option, purchase your chess set from the united kingdom 's leading chess set retailers.

Our budget wooden chess sets are great starter sets, and can last well into maturity. There's hardly any doubt that playing chess is a mental exercise that is great, because a child's mind remains quite much in the development stage it becomes even more important. Really in some countries chess is now a mandatory element of the curriculum in schools.

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What is your favourite Chess Set from Official Staunton?

As a fan of smaller chess sets, I believe that I would like to have the pieces Carl showed off in the Staunton Reproduction thread, the ones in ebony and boxwood. Because the planned launch of that set is one week prior to the competition finishes, it ought to be a choice that is valid, right? Tongue Out What I like about that particular group of pieces is the fact that it seems fairly squat, however tasteful, and also the knight, from what I could gather from that one picture, looks quite well done. They have a pleasant, archlike contour to them, with all the pawns being smallest, together with the queen placing a steady downward slope to the rook, as well as the king being taller compared to the other pieces. Shorter pieces are more easy to manage on the board, simpler to see, and with all the wide foundations which they have, they need to be really secure nonetheless. Eyechess has indicated his preference for rosewood. Truly, I also usually favor rosewood to wood that is fully black, but I believe I'd locate this set appealing nonetheless. So far as I am worried, that set will be my favourite! You will likely have the ability to look at graphics of the set in a number of weeks on the Official Staunton web site, at
So far as the board is worried, I think one with 57/58 millimeter squares would be good, given the width of the 3,5 inch library size Jacques pieces. that are that are repro I 've pieces already with the exact same diameter king, and they work perfectly on that size board. Aside from that, I believe it is essential to think about the colours of the squares in your alternative. Dark with dark is usually not the top choice, or so the mix would need to be picked carefully. I think that, in the boards that I managed to see at the Official Staunton web site, the Italian Framed Mahogany chess board seems greatest, in the sense that it's extremely good looking in itself, but would also complement the pieces very well. I believe the Spassky Fischer board also looks very good, but that board appears to have somewhat darker squares, which is OK in the event that you don’t mind the ever so decreased contrast with ebony pieces, but the palisander shown in the image in the link provided below I believe is a very good fit for the ebony pieces, featuring some darker stripes in the inlaid mahogany, but not being overly dark. I could picture, simply speaking, the above mentioned pieces looking quite gratifying, both in size as well as in colour (comparison), on this unique board. The board may be got from:

For the entire mahogany experience, I'd pick the following box in the Official Staunton web site: This box, which Carl has noted to be certainly solid mahogany on another thread, appears quite suave really. I've picked this one for quite a few reasons, although there were some other possibilities as well that might likely have already been excellent alternatives. Firstly, the fact it is entirely made of wood allure if you ask me. Since my dad was a woodworker, I blame that on my genes. I'd much prefer to have a completely wooden carton than to have a box that would be real wood on the surface, and a few other material inside. Second, the aesthetic of the carton is very gratifying, with all the black delimiters being very nicely done, along with the lock and key being the cherry on the cake that is proverbial. I think that I might much prefer to have the mahogany box so, and I presume that it might go great with the pieces I chose in the beginning of the post.
Cost of the carton: GBP 200
I realise that I come up a bit short of GBP 800 (about GBP 150 short) but I trust that’s not an issue. Finest of luck to everyone in the contest and a thanks to Carl for making this competition possible.

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What do you look for in a Chess Set?

Durability is the one most critical attribute in my experience. Be it pieces, a fresh table, a carrying case or time. I believe in quality over quantity. That certainly applies to purchasing one well made thing every yr or 3.

For pieces, I desire to be in a position to play with my baby child and find out the items hit the floor, get chewed on, stepped on and dropped without revealing signs of wear. Additionally, while this really isn't lastingness, I do prefer pieces to have a hefty weight to them. This can be not nasty in time problem, air current when playing outside & a strong fan when playing indoors in the heat.
Regarding a panel, one that may be washed is sought by me. To be specific, I want to encounter among the annoying event gamers that retains their uncapped pen in exactly the same hand moving pieces and unintentionally marks my board up (I've experienced this twice in only three years of chess - one could presume chess players to be better than this) without the mark being permanent. This characteristic is understandably rare. I haven't researched the matter, although a marble board comes to mind.
On a case that is carrying, it should be watertight. I have to have the ability to walk without time or my established being broken to other locations of play in a heavy downpour or chess club. I desire to be in a position to take the situation hiking without the straps neglecting after having a mere A FEW MONTHS weeks of use. I don't desire a Queen with factors that are razor-sharp upon her summit to poke a hole in the carry case.

In regards into a clock, I seek the one that may take thousands of hours of blitz versus heavy handed kids. It ought to be capable of maintain multiple drops onto concrete each year. It is what I 'd most want, and I will definitely never find such a time, although this may be a little unreasonable.
after durability...

Aesthetics is a near second. I I cannot help but find myself a fan of some over others centered on appearance while it finally will not issue exactly what the equipment looks like.

With items, I cannot talk for the others, but it really is simple to visualize most chess players are akin to myself in having a disdain for plastic or or elsewhere cheap-looking kinds. This really is to not say I need something which appears expensive or elaborate - I 'm fairly pleased with having an easy, old, wooden set with much visible wear. As for me, I love the look of marble pieces.

The board should have an expert appearance to it. No logos, signatures insignias or other unnecessary accessories or markings. Rankandfile tagging is professional appearing or essential. Marble comes to mind, but that too is personal taste although as with pieces. Moreover, the battlefield ought to be just dark and gentle squares, both black and white or similar with grey. (The exception being a true finely crafted wooden set, with dark and light wood coloured pieces). While partial to the colors eco-friendly & blue, I am even mo Re fond of playing chess on a board with pieces in black and white (or darkish/light wood).
Bags in my opinion, for chess sets, should to not be complex. They won't need to to be colorfull. My tendency would be towards one that really doesn't appear to have been produced in higher quantities in China for nickels that are just. It will appear strong and well-defined.
A chess time that suits my preferences in looks wouldn't normally be vibrant or have colors that are highly contrasting. As with my preferneces on chess supplies that is additional, it would seem simple, intelligently created and functional. I find timepieces which are brilliant and/or colorful to be irritating. Furthermore, I'd certainly choose one without red on it. I find practical colors for their components and timepieces and black, metal, gold, grey and tiny else the most aesthetically pleasing. The BROUGHT show should be maintain eco-friendly dark or blue. A-side from merely what seems great to me, there are emotional reasons to prefer colours nearby the reddish section of the array or maybe not in.

Cost issues. Maybe not just because I, such as the majority of chess players, don't have a-6 figure revenue, but because avarice is truly irritating. It really is totally acceptable to get a chess supplies maker to ask total price 10-20%, but I hate viewing an established that cost $150 and 10 hours to generate having a price tag of $700 (numbers used are haphazard). That's avaricious along with your moment isn't worth any-more than mine. I might not dare ask somebody to spend $55/hr, even were I to me a-master at the task in question. I know from experience that folks can live comfortably enough on manner less than $30/hr.

and finally...
All tools should be lawful and of standard size/layout that is event. This ought to go without stating, as may be the situation, or inputting,
I recognize that my expectations are not low, perhaps even downright excessive. However, were I to start any business, I'd desire to: utilize the most innovative technology available, be honest and utilize only the best quality stuff. The more likely it's I may locate a way to afford it in vengeance of being comparatively bad, while I buy chess tools, the closer it's to my ideals.

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1849 Staunton Black Chessmen in Casket Men-in-mahogany-casket

A chess set that is fine includes beauty, background as well as a guarantee. The 1849 Black Chess Men really are a physical portrayal of chess background. This established is representative of our sport that is stunning and continues to be the foundation of a lot of chess style now.

The real history of The Chess Men is undeniable and I shall not rehash it here, but I consider the most significant part a chess set is a guarantee. The assurance a chess set will carry you through area and time as far again as of understanding passant, the shock was to the feverish struggles of a week ago. Especially the knights, the 1849 Established, is a matter of beauty. The neo classical layout of the established, layout and reflecting structures of the period, represented in my view among the very amazing rendering of chess Men actually.

The fondest recollections are made, over a chess board, for me. We understand a whole lot more about the other person when compared to a common dialogue can really ever show as we perform with buddies. Play as well as the fashion of every individual is unique to them and that feeling could not be captured by anything as a gorgeous chess set made following the 1849 Staunton that is timeless. An excellent set such as this has to be shielded in a carton, thus why the chess Men and box connection was selected by me.

I want to possess the 1849 Established Staunton Established as my private timemachine to cherish. No it's isn't the DeLorean. It is best as it enables me understand as scholar to develop as a participant and join as a buddy. That I think is the reason why we adore the sport so much and the substance of chess, and the reason why our units are valued by us so considerably. 

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Official Staunton’s 1851 Antiqued and Ebony Chessmen and more...

Beneath you will find me waxing poetic about an Official Staunton chess set, board and storage carton. Not that anyone would care, necessarily, but for the record I do not make a habit of shilling for firms. I shall say, though, that I purchased a collection of 1851 Official Staunton chess Men and box a few months ago or so (the items were really antiqued boxwood and ebonised boxwood, not ebony, but it seems that they don't have that set on their site now), and also the set is totally perfect. I'm not so unhappy with this particular set. The support was exceptional. There was a little problem together with the set, and Carl bent over backwards to make it right, having a turnaround speed that has been breathtaking. Because this refreshingly favorable encounter with Carl and Official Staunton, I'm now a devotee of. Anyway, here is the spiel:

The great philosopher Plato wrote regarding the existence of ideal Types that are absolutely perfect. A truly Perfect Triangle can only exist in our minds, although you may be in a position to punch out a fairly decent representation of a triangle together with the assistance of a machine. Once I imagine An Ideal Chess Set in my head, the picture is of Official Staunton’s 1851 Antiqued and Ebony Chessmen ( . Each piece in this set serves as an ideal model for Queen, a King, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn. Not only is the design perfect, but master woodcarvers flawlessly do the performance of the design. The symmetry, proportion, balance, weight, colour and finish are elegant, tasteful, understated, and therefore are representative of what an ideal chessman must be. The main thing about Chess is the game itself, and also the great thing about the game can be valued on an affordable plastic group of chess Men on a vinyl board. Nonetheless, the sensuous sense and sound of a weighted wood and felted section as it travels the board lends an additional degree of gratification when enjoying a game with a pal or playing through a classic historical match. This set provides that aesthetic beauty of chess play unlike any other.

A battleground that's worthy of it is demanded by an established such as this. Official Staunton’s 1851 set comes with a 4.4” King, therefore a board with 2 and 3/8” squares is required. Nearly as important as the science of matching the dimensions of the pieces to the board is the-art of matching the style of the items to the board. Thus, the simple and refined Official Staunton Large Prestige Palisander Chess Board ( is an exceptional alternative. Crafted of palisander wood for the darkish squares, and maple for the mild, this board is the very graphic in ones mind’s eye of what a chess board should be: only dark and light squares of wealthy, lustrous woods enclosed with a simple and tasteful comparing wood border. Like the 1851 chess Men which will combat upon its surface, this tasteful board embodies the very nature of the term, “ ” that is classic. When perfection continues to be attained, there isn't any desire for the craftsperson to gild the lily. No augmentation is needed by this lily. When you hear the satisfactory “knock” of the bottoms of your King and Rook as they make contact with this particular board while castling Queenside, you are going to understand that you've made a good selection in pairing the Prestige Palisander Chessboard with your parts and pawns.

Chess is loved by you. Perhaps your kids adore the game, as well, but nevertheless, it might be that your love for the royal sport will skip a generation. The bits that you simply spent therefore many delightful hours with, re creating the games of Morphy, Capablanca, Tal or Kasparov, might someday be kept in a attic somewhere, or worse, went throughout the country repeatedly before finally being rediscovered by a grandchild sometime in the remote future. Your exquisite set needs to be shielded so that your descendent does not come upon your beloved pieces to discover your Kings with Rooks with parapets, Queens with crowns that are broken, their crosses missing, or Knights with their ears chipped. A lovely heirloom chess set deserves to be well shielded by the Official Staunton Deluxe Fitted Coffer ( and products/deluxe-fitted-coffer). The inside of the storage case is lined with felt, also it contains two inset drawers with personal compartments for every piece and pawn. There are TWO Queen compartments for the Black and the White sides, to accommodate those sets that come with four Queens, as-is standard with Official Staunton chess sets. The exterior of this ark that was sturdy is fashioned of attractive reddish burl wood and, such as pieces that accompany it and the board, this coffer embodies simple, understated sophistication. Having a locking mechanism and a tasseled key that is gold, this case will assuredly gain the attention of only the proper sort of grandchild going through your attic or garage someday, thus ensuring your precious wooden armies a brand new lease on life for generations in the future.
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My favourite Chess Set by Official Staunton

Since the proposed launch of that established is one week before the contest ends, it should be a legitimate alternative, right? Tongue Out What I enjoy about that special set of bits is that it appears pretty squat, though tasteful, and the knight, from what I could gather from that one picture, seems really nicely done. They've a fine, archlike shape to them, with the pawns being smallest, with the queen setting a steady downward slope to the rook, and the king being by far taller in relation to the other parts. Shorter pieces are easier to handle on the board, more easy to see, and with the foundations that are broad that they have, they should be quite stable nonetheless. Eyechess has indicated his preference for rosewood. Indeed, I also normally favor rosewood to wood that is fully black, but I believe that I'd locate this set appealing nonetheless. So far as I 'm worried, that set would be my favourite! You'll probably manage to view pictures of the set in several weeks on the Official Staunton site, at
Price of the parts: 250 GBP

So far as the board is concerned, I believe one with 57/58 mm squares would be good, given the width of the 3,5 inch library size Jacques repro items. that are I have items previously with the same diameter king, and they work flawlessly on that dimension board. Aside from that, I think it is vital that you consider the colors of the squares in your pick. Dark with dark is normally not the smartest choice, so the combination would need to be selected carefully. I think that, in the sense that it is quite good looking in itself, the Italian Framed Mahogany chess board seems finest, in the boards that I managed to see at the State Staunton site, but would also enhance the pieces very well. I think the Spassky-Fischer board also looks really great, but that board seems to have slightly darker squares, which is OK if you don’t mind the ever-so reduced contrast with ebony pieces, but the palisander revealed in the image in the link provided below I believe is a good fit for the ebony sections, containing some darker stripes in the inlaid mahogany, but not being too dim. I can picture, in short, the preceding pieces looking really gratifying, both in dimension and in color (comparison), on this particular board.
Price of the board: 200 GBP

For the total mahogany encounter, I'd pick the following box in the Official Staunton web site: This carton, which Carl h AS noted to be entirely solid mahogany on still another thread, looks quite suave truly. I 've chosen this one for a number of motives, although there were some other options available as well that would likely have been outstanding alternatives. The fact that it is totally made of wood allure if you ask me. Since my father was a woodworker, I blame my genes for that. Second, the esthetic of the carton is very satisfying, with the lock and crucial, and the delimiters being very nicely completed being the cherry on the cake. I do realise that is not an issue for me, although that on the interior the box features one-compartment to put up your pieces, rather than 2, or slots for the pieces individually. I think that I 'd much like to have the mahogany box consequently, and I believe that it'd go together excellent with the parts I chose in the beginning of the post.
Price of the box: GBP 200

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B & C Company Chess Set Reproduction

This is my selection of a set that is ready to be released. You need to love the thin stalks of the chess pieces throughout. Have a look .The knight is nicely carved and takes it style from Jaques sets but is different by itself. One couldn’t help but notice the wide foundations of each piece which gives a touch of class to this amazing set. All you have to do is take a look at the pawns in this set. The collar the slenderness all adds up to the most stunning pawn I had ever seen in a chess set.
We have got to the luxurious ebony wood this set is made out of. In the future it may not have the ability to obtain. I would just request the king to have around it’s base the OS lettering revealing where it was obtained if I 'd to improve on the set.

Large Italian Prestige Anegre Chess Board

To compliment this amazing chess set one must get an amazing chess board for the glorious pieces to play on. This would not be dissimilar to an accomplished pianist resting on the seat playing with the keys. The board should appear excellent and this sure does with its sleek finish. It should enhance the beauty of the chess set and not take away from it. It is made of maple and anegre woods, two gorgeous woods in their own right. When these two woods are combined they compliment each other and the gloss finish is the icing on the cake. I like , therefore I think I 'm old school that, some call it old school. As to ease sanding without scraping exactly the same manner must always run. I also like to see grain running horizontal on a chess board versus vertical, it only is sensible.
The only thing that would make the board would be to go spend a day or two in Sorrento and pick it up in person. Sitting on a balcony sipping on Chianti. What a picture.

High-End Walnut Chess Box

We get to the most overlooked part of a chess set that is complete. Someone takes the high-end pieces from the box, sets them up on cats the carton and the amazing looking board aside as it really is generally nothing to have a look at. All they care about is to keep the set dust free and safe while in storage. If you think that way you cannot be so wrong.
Once you take a look at that Luxurious Walnut Chess Box you WOn't want to hide it away after you set up the chess set. It looks so good you may not want to hide it away when the set is protected in the carton.
Again this carton comes from the exact same place as the board. The craftsmen in Sorrento do take pride and only the finest work in it also. The only thing better than the box, would be to go pick up the carton in Sorrento, Italy, like I said about the board.
As is evident by the pictures the finest solid walnut goes into this box, the grain is just breathless. Hinges and the brass key simply increase the contrast of the great thing about the wood

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What Chess Set would you like to Own and Why?

I’ve been a long-time readers of this newsgroup – it’s actually been great going through the reviews and discussions of equipment and numerous units, and the time is actually appreciated by me and thought that they have been used on by people, so due to all! Join up too, so thanks also for spurring me to produce my first post and this rivalry today resembles an excellent opportunity to interrupt my silence! With that then, here’s my entrance:

As a Brit living in St Petersburg, it's perhaps appropriate that it’s the Leningrad establish that attracts me the many, and particularly, the Leningrad Anegre System Chess Set ( set).

Nevertheless, of course, a great chess set isn't about the name, but regarding the enjoyment gained from using it (and ‘use’ is important here – as striking as an established may appear, it’s hard to envision anybody seriously believing that the set should be of purely ornamental value).
So why can it be that I enjoy the appearance of this set a lot? Well, to describe that, let me digress for a moment…

Chess is a game that is historical, and there is nothing quite like playing on a historic-looking, established that is traditional. For this reason I 'll always be a devotee. Just with that style, I spent my youth like millions of others, and I nevertheless cherish one particular set I was presented with as a lad for my birthday.

Because shifting to Russia however, I 've also come to adore the simple great thing about the Soviet- sets. When I can, are lucky enough to uncover some real gems, and I journey to search the primary fleamarket. Obviously, their attractiveness goes beyond esthetics – I adore those sets for the fact which they were designed to be used (that term again). And even, evaluating discolouration and lost finials that only increase the charm and mystery of these sets, from the chips, they certainly were truly both employed, and adored.

So, back to the place…

Picking a primary, go to showcase piece that comprises every-thing I today adore in a set would be a nearly impossible job, but exactly what a rival this looks! Its exquisitely designed knights are a refined nod to the abundant chess custom of Eastern Europe, while retaining the familiar warmth of the Staunton layout. And as some one who's used to buying sets in those ubiquitous folding boards that double up as safe-keeping cartons, it's a joy to see these pieces accompanied maybe not only with an attractive elevated plank, but a storage carton that’s a thing of beauty in its own proper.

An incredible combination of East and West, following that, and above all, a set that invites one to use it, to do battle alongside you oppositions with it, to review long into the night by it (preferably with a single malt in hands!). That is certainly why I adore the look of this set.
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