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32 products
    32 products
    21" Wenge and Maple Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    21" Wenge and Maple Chess Board
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    20" Wide Border Walnut Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    20" Wide Border Walnut Chess Board
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    18" Contemporary Anegre Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    18" Contemporary Anegre Chess Board
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    19 Inch Mahogany and Maple Chess Board
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    Walnut Eco Style Bevel Edge Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    Walnut Eco Style Bevel Edge Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    Walnut Eco Style Bevel Edge Chess Board
    Sale price £79.95 GBP Regular price £129.95 GBP Save £50 GBP
    Italian Antiqued Ochre Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    Italian Antiqued Ochre Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    Italian Antiqued Ochre Chess Board
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    15.75" Mahogany Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    15.75" Mahogany Chess Board
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    21" Anegre Maple Red Avadia Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    21" Anegre Maple Red Avadia Chess Board
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    21" Mahogany and Birch Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    21" Mahogany and Birch Chess Board
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    19" Economy Anegre and Maple Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    19" Economy Anegre and Maple Chess Board
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    19" Walnut & Maple Chess Board
    Sale price £59.95 GBP Regular price £79.95 GBP Save £20 GBP
    16" Handmade Acacia & Boxwood Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    16" Handmade Acacia & Boxwood Chess Board
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    21" Padauk Handmade Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    21" Padauk Handmade Chess Board
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    23" Padauk Handmade Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    23" Padauk Handmade Chess Board
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    23" Handmade Ebony Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    23" Handmade Ebony Chess Board
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    15.75" Walnut & Maple European Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    15.75" Walnut & Maple European Chess Board
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    15.75" Spanish Walnut and Maple Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    15.75" Spanish Walnut and Maple Chess Board
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    21" Economy Anegre and Maple Chess Board - Official Staunton™
    21" Economy Anegre and Maple Chess Board
    Sale price £69.95 GBP Regular price £84.95 GBP Save £15 GBP
    21" Acacia Handmade Chess Board
    Sale price £104.30 GBP Regular price £149.00 GBP Save £44.70 GBP
    20" Wenge and Maple Chess Board
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    15.75" Wenge and Maple Chess Board
    Sale price £45.47 GBP Regular price £64.95 GBP Save £19.48 GBP

    Every chess set needs a chess board. When you buy a full set you get both a chess board and pieces, but sometimes, you might not want to buy a full set to play the classic game. If you already have your chess pieces, you might only need to buy a chess board. That is why Official Staunton has a range of just chess boards to shop from. Browse our collection of chess boards in a range of styles, sizes, and materials. Choose the board you like that matches your playing style and existing pieces. Or chat to our experts to discover the best chess board for you.

    Chess Boards

    Chess boards come in many sizes, colours, styles, and materials. It can make finding the right chess board to match your piece or your style difficult.


    Guide To Buying the Right Chess Board

    When you are looking to buy a new wooden chess board, whether it is to replace an old one or to complement your custom set, you should start by considering how you will use the board. 

    Is it for travel? Is it decorative? Or will you use your chessboard for tournaments and club events?

    Once you know the answer to these questions, you can start to narrow down the options available to you when looking for a new chessboard.

    Types Of Chess Boards

    The next step is to consider the different types of chess boards and which will be more suitable for you.

    Decorative chess boards are often modern collectables and can vary in size and be for outdoor décor as well. 

    Practical chess boards are designed for everyday use and are usually of better quality so that they can endure usage on a daily basis. 

    Thematic chess boards are often more for fun and are a collector’s item displaying various themes such as war, history, etc.


    Standard Chess Board 

    You might want to look at the very practical, magnetic chess board. These boards are usually available in different sized sets of three or four variables. The boards are typically made of wood. You can use this magnetic material to hold the pieces of the game while you play. 

    Or you might want to invest in a luxury chess board that will stand the test of time and be something special. At Official Staunton, our luxury chess boards are manufactured in Italy by Master Craftsmen. We are the exclusive UK distributor for the renowned Italian chess boards manufacturer Giglio Asla. We are proud to offer these superbly crafted chessboards that are simply beautifully made and make a fantastic centrepiece and the perfect platform to display your chess set. 


    How Much Is A Chess Board?

    You should consider the quality and cost of the material when shopping for chess boards. Some materials will be more expensive than others and some brands will be more expensive due to the quality of the craftsmanship.

    If you want an every-day chess board to replace an old board from a set, you might want a less expensive option so that you aren’t worried about using it. But if you want a decorative board that will have pride of place in your home office then you might want to choose a more expensive chessboard made from high quality material.


    What Is A Standard Chess Board?

    When choosing a chess board, you need to consider whether you will be using it privately or during tournaments. 

    A standard chess board has 64 squares and features a grid reference that enables the chess game moves to be recorded. Chess boards can be made and used in a range of styles and sizes. However, a regulation tournament chess board should be 19 inches. This size and standard is also the preference of Chess Clubs and Scholastic events

    A Chess Board To Match Your Pieces

    Anyone looking to buy a chessboard will likely understand just how difficult it is to find the perfect size for their pieces since chessboard square sizes fluctuate considerably. But size really does matter when it comes to chess.

    The general rule of matching your chess board with your pieces is that the pieces remain smaller than the squares of the chessboard. Your pieces should never overlap over the squares of the chessboard. Read our full article on choosing the right size chess board to match your pieces for more information. 

    The most popular chess board is the wooden chessboard. It comes in a variety of wood types and finishes. A wood board is a great place to begin. Our wooden chess boards are mostly made in Spain, India and Poland. You can view all the wooden chess boards on our page. If you aren't sure which one you want, we can help you find the right one.

    We offer a range of high-quality hardwood chess boards. This heirloom-quality gift is a great choice if you are looking for a unique gift idea.

    Need a Storage chessboard?  just one of the many products that we have in stock. A storage board is a great option for protecting your pieces from dust and pets, whether you have a set or are looking to purchase new pieces. You will only need to ensure that the slots on the storage board are big enough for the pieces you choose.

    A wall-hanging demo chess board will be a great tool for teachers and coaches. These "demo" boards can be made of vinyl and rolled up in the same way as club boards. The demo board can be easily transported to other classrooms.

    Natural wood chessboards are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen for our customers. Each board is carefully selected by the craftsman and has a unique appearance thanks to the contours of the natural edge that surround a slightly elevated playing field.


    ‎How To Set Up A Chess Board 

    Once you have your chess board and pieces, you will need to know how to set up your pieces on the right places on the board

    1. White on the Right
      Start with the white squares on the bottom right of the board
    2. Get Your Pawns In A Row
      Set out your pawns next to each other on the second row
    3. Castle Barricades Up
      Set your castles (or rooks) in either corner of the first row
    4. Knights In The Castle
      Set your knights next to either castle on the first row
    5. Stinking Bishops
      Set your bishops next to your knights on the first row
    6. Match The Queen’s Outfit
      Set your queen on the square of the same colour as her next to the bishop
    7. King Follows Suit
      Set you king in the last square on the first row
    8. Whites Move First
      The white suit pieces move first to start play

    For information about how to set up a chess board correctly, read our guide on setting up a chessboard

    When buying chess pieces, aesthetics are crucial. You want to choose pieces that look good against black squares. Deep-coloured pieces add an air of sophistication to your chess set and room. If your room is predominantly white or light-coloured, you may wish to choose darker-coloured pieces. But remember that aesthetics is not the only consideration when purchasing chess pieces. Consider the size of your room when choosing the colour of your pieces.

    How are Chess Boards Made

    Keep reading if you are interested in the process of making a chessboard. We will discuss Materials, Techniques and Shapes. We'll also discuss the shapes, sizes and colours of chessboards. This information should help you create the best chess board! This article will help you create the perfect board for your next tournament of chess!


    A chessboard can be made from either wood or stone, depending on its starting material. A custom set will have a stone or wood carved exactly to your specifications. For mass-produced sets, however, cardboard is the primary raw material. The cards are then cut into squares and printed with a printing press. To deposit ink, a roller is used to roll the plate onto the printed spots.

    Plastic chess pieces. These pieces are usually colourless but can be coloured with soluble dyes or comminuted colours. You can also make coloured chess pieces from titanium dioxide or iron oxides. Plasticizers are used to increase the flexibility of plasticizers. Fibreglass is used as reinforcement. Other additives include heat stabilizers and antioxidants as well as manufacturing aids.

    There are many types of wood. Two wood species are common on chess boards. For squares, dark woods such as walnut are used, and checkerboards are made from lighter woods like maple or oak. You can also design your own chessboard if you have an original idea. Many retailers offer customized chess sets so you can find the right set for your needs. A customer may often give a brief description of the set they are looking for to help them choose.

    You can find chess pieces in a variety of materials, including plastic and traditional ivory. Some pieces are made from ancient ivory. Plastic and wood can be expensive, but they lack elegance, sophistication, and detail. If you want a classic look and long-lasting durability, wood is the best option. You should be careful when choosing pieces. These chess pieces are most likely made of a material that you like.


    You can build your own chessboard if you enjoy playing chess, but don't have the money. There are many options. You should first learn how to select the right materials for your board. The next step is to choose an alternate colour pattern. This is crucial for the structure of your chessboard. These are some tips to help you make your board stand out. Once you have decided on the materials, it is time to start the construction process.

    You must plan your wood chessboard carefully before you start to build it. You can use plywood or 2x1s made from different wood. Next, you will need to mill the pieces to remove any rough edges. After you are done, clean the wood faces. Use clamps to attach the pieces. The final step is to create the borders of your chessboard. Pre-made chessboards are available if you don't wish to make your own chessboard with plywood.

    Next, choose the type of chessboard you want. A classic choice is wooden chess boards. They are lightweight and sturdy, so they are easy to transport and store. Wood boards are more sustainable than plastic boards. Plastic boards are also not as durable and can pose a choking hazard. The boards may not last for as long as you think. You probably won't want them in your garage.

    Next, determine how you will edge band the board. This is done by measuring each piece's outer edges and cutting the mitres accordingly. Next, drill the corners using a dowel-jig. This project is best done with the Deluxe Doweling Jig Kit. This jig set allows you to drill the holes in the centre and create a beautiful chessboard.


    You need to think about how you will store the board, in addition to its size. Some boards fold in half while others take up more space. Different types of materials and designs are used in chessboards, which can impact the final price. Some boards are very simple while others are intricate. These are some suggestions to help you choose the right size board.

    A 1 3/4 inch square chessboard can be considered executive size. This size is ideal for casual play and can be used as an accent table. These boards range in size from sixteen to eighteen inches overall. While the king's height is usually three inches, traditional chess sets can be up to 3 1/2". Use the chart below to determine which size board will best suit your needs.

    The amount of storage space available in your home will determine the best board for you. A folding board is the best choice if you have to store it. A 21-inch folding board is also popular. This makes it easier to store. A classic or folding board are also an option. You can choose a board that suits your home and decor. It will prove useful in many settings, including at home or school.

    The dimensions of chess boards vary from one country to the next. The United States' tournament boards should measure two to two-and-a-half inches in width. The height of the king should be 9.5 centimetres. For its tournament set, the Soviet Union used a 6-cm square. Choose the right board for you. Remember that size doesn't necessarily mean everything.


    Different tastes and shapes can be found in chess boards and pieces. A chess set typically contains 16 pieces. Two of each type are included. They are designed to be easily moved with one hand and have a similar size. You can also find unique names and designs. Different designs reflect regional influences. Some people choose pieces that have certain symbolism.

    There are 64 squares on the chess board that alternate between light and dark colours. A file is used to identify each square. The ranks are the rows that are opposite each other. The chessboard is organized in columns and rows that form a square with the king's face facing up. The shapes of chessboards are varied. Continue reading to learn more about the various shapes of chessboards.

    A chess set can also be made from different materials, depending on its shape. Wooden chessboards used to be dark brown or unfinished. Today, some chess sets have veneers that are glued to an interior piece of plywood or chipboard. Silicone, vinyl, and other materials are also available for chess boards. It is important that the material used to make a chess set should match the space it is being placed in.

    The edge of a pyramidal-shaped chess set has an angled, long edge. They look modern and can be used with almost any type of chessmen. They also come in traditional sizes. They are available in traditional sizes, 1.75" and 2.25". What are your options? It may surprise you to see how many sets of chess you can make with one board.


    The design of a chessboard requires consideration of many factors. Although the pieces are generally colourless, they may contain additional additives such as soluble dyes and comminuted colours. Iron oxides may be added to ornament sets. Many plastics can be filled with different filler materials. Plasticizers give the polymer more flexibility. Fibreglass is another popular filler. You can also add other additives such as heat stabilizers and ultraviolet protectors to your filler.

    A basic structure of a chessboard is an 8x8 grid made up of squares. Each square must be equal in size and shape. Every side of a good board should be equal in size. The chessboard should be consistent in appearance so that it doesn't stand out from the corner of a room. Some boards may have different shapes or colours, which might not be ideal for all players. A chessboard should be easy to store.

    There are many styles and designs of chess boards. The most popular are 8X8 and rectangular. The traditional square is rectangular. A square grid can be rounded for boards. A square grid board will be easier to use. Different sized squares can make boards look different, depending on their size. You can also buy custom boards. You can also choose from a variety of chess boards.

    The material used will affect the construction of a board. For example, wood sets are carved to exact dimensions and then cut. The cardboard used to make mass-produced sets is what you see. The cardboard is cut into pieces and printed using a printing process. The ink is applied to the specific areas of the board. This takes about a week. After that, your new chess set is ready for you to enjoy. You can also order customized chess sets.

    Metal chess pieces

    If you are in the market for a new chess set, you may wonder which metal pieces to buy. The truth is that there are several types of metal chess pieces on the market. The first type is a chess board. These are made of metal and they have several advantages over wood-made boards. One of these advantages is that they are much more durable. You also won't have to worry about the pieces breaking because of the high-quality materials. In addition, the chess pieces are proportionately-sized so that you can easily move them around the board.

    If you are looking for a high-end set, you may want to invest in some metal pieces. Bronze pieces are a popular choice because of their shiny finish, and some of them are even modelled after real people. Silver and gold chess sets are usually made of plating. The latter is generally used as a status symbol. While gold-plated chess pieces are more expensive, they will hold up to constant play.

    If you are visually impaired, it may be difficult for you to distinguish between pieces, especially the metal ones. In such cases, you might want to purchase metal chessmen with traditional designs. These may be easier to distinguish from other pieces with more detailed carvings. Additionally, the pieces should be cushioned with felt to minimize the possibility of scratching your chess board. You should also consider the type of board and chess pieces that will fit the space you have available.

    Another great option is the Caesar Brass Chess Set. This set is made in a prestigious factory and comes with a decorative carriage box. This set features brass and nickel plated chess pieces. Its size is impressive, with the king measuring over 20 inches. Whether you are playing for entertainment or as a family sport, you'll find that the Italfama chess pieces will be the perfect choice for your family.

    Glass chess pieces

    There are a variety of reasons why glass chess sets are the best to buy. The beautiful design and detail of these sets are well worth the money you spend. Plus, a glass chess set will make your game more immersive. The realistic chess pieces and battlefield board bases make playing chess seem like a fantasy. Imagine being a gladiator while playing this classic board game.

    If you love playing chess and traveling, a glass set may be the perfect gift for you. While you shouldn't play for long periods with glass pieces, you can take them with you and travel easily. Glass sets usually contain 32 pieces, with 16 pieces made from clear glass and 16 pieces made from frosted glass. You can find several styles of glass chess pieces on the market, and the best ones are listed below.

    The quality of glass chess pieces can vary depending on the brand and model of the chess board. A glass chess set is typically more expensive and will feature thirty-two glass chess pieces. Some glass chess sets will have a felt-covered board. This material can protect the board from scratches, and it makes moving the pieces easier. These glass chess sets are great for beginners because of their high-quality pieces.

    The glass chess set comes in three different sizes. The largest set contains 32 pieces, with sixteen frosted chessmen and the rest clear. A set of glass chess pieces is durable and stable, and is ideal for beginners or seasoned professionals alike. You can use them to play chess with a glass chess board or use them to play poker. It is easy to transport and makes for an elegant display in any room.

    Plastic chess pieces

    If you're considering buying a new chess set, consider the benefits of plastic chess pieces. These pieces are waterproof and UV-protected and are sturdy enough to withstand outdoor play. Plus, they don't fade or crack, even in climates that are harsh on chess pieces. Here's a look at three benefits of nylon chess pieces. Let's find out why these pieces are the best option for you!

    - Quality - You shouldn't skimp on the quality of your chess set. A high-quality set should last for many years. If you're going to be using it for many years, a good set should be made of high-quality nylon. Also, look for a set that comes with a matching chessboard and chess box. You can find high-quality chess sets at discounted prices, and these pieces are often accompanied by a matching chessboard and chess box.

    Durability - While nylon chess pieces are a good choice for casual play, they don't last forever. Plastic pieces are not as durable and may break easily. But they're cheaper and more durable than wood, and they'll be safe for kids and clumsy chess players. However, it's also important to consider the amount of wear and tear you're willing to put on them.

    Looks - While a set's material is important, the aesthetic appeal is just as important. A beautiful chessboard, board, and chess pieces should complement each other. Buying a set that clashes with your table, clock, and chessboard can result in an unattractive look that's hard to ignore. If you want to make a statement with your chess set, a set with deep colours will do just that.

    Wood chess pieces

    There are many reasons to choose wood for your chess pieces. Beechwood, for example, is a light-coloured wood that is extremely durable. This type of wood is also known for being versatile - it can be stained in any colour and can be covered with a clear finish to protect it from moisture. It also gives your chess pieces a substantial weight. And, since it is a hardwood, it's also easy to carve.

    Maple wood is the most popular choice for wooden chess pieces. It can be harvested from more than one hundred different types of trees, including maple and walnut. Maple wood is readily available, which helps keep costs down. Maple is also an excellent choice for wooden chess pieces because it has a light colour and can be harvested from a large variety of trees. It's durable and is widely available.

    If you want to buy the best wood chess pieces, you should consider an authentic set. This type of chess set is crafted by artisans using high-quality materials. In addition to boxwood and maple, the pieces are carved from wood from Brazil. This ensures that each piece will be weighted and smoothed. Look for detailed documentation of the pieces' production history. This ensures the prestige of the set and its resale value.

    The Weigel brand is a leading name in chess and is known for producing high-quality wooden sets. The Staunton-style pieces are made of a blend of woods including beech, hornbeam, and sycamore, and come with felt bottoms. This quality is great for under $40, so it's worth a look. So, what is the best wood chess set for you?

    Decorative chess pieces

    The choice of decorative chess pieces depends on a number of factors. Some are very expensive and others are fragile. There are even children's decorative chess sets that are popular today. Popular ones include Super Mario Bros. chess pieces, Disney chess pieces, Peanuts chess sets, and Shrek chess sets. Children should use a tournament chess set instead of decorative ones.

    The aesthetics of chess pieces are important. A dark piece will stand out against the black squares of your chess set. Dark-coloured pieces will also add a touch of class to your room. You can even buy giant chess pieces that feature striking details. While the aesthetics of these pieces are important, don't forget to check the durability of the pieces, too. Depending on the material, they may need to be refinished or repolished every so often.

    If you have a small space or don't have much room for a traditional chess board, you can buy a wall chess set. Wall chess pieces can be installed vertically, and each piece locks into its place after each move. In addition to their durability, wall chess sets are also an investment. If you want to make a statement, you can buy a wall chess set.

    If you can afford it, you can buy a chess set made of marble or gold. You can buy a set that is heirloom quality or even purchase a chess set made of wood and alabaster. Wooden chess pieces are durable enough to withstand daily play, but stone chess pieces are very delicate and can easily break. However, they are not recommended for small children.