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Quality Wood Chess Boards

In this category we offer a  superb selection of wooden boards ranging from ECO friendly budget chessboards right to the top of the shop!  Our speciality is in our prestige Italian range of luxury chess boards. The master inlay and marquetry specialists from Italy are extremely proud in their heritage and product offering. Our luxury boards are unparalleled in quality and design, and have a much higher quality benchmark than you will find at most other retailers. We hope you find a suitable chessboard that matches your expectations in this fine collection. 


Wooden Chess Boards

The reputation of a company depends very much on the quality of its products. That said,

the Staunton Chess Company has earned reputation over the years for producing first

class luxury chess sets and chess boards. The quality chess boards have been their

emblem right throughout.

The Staunton Chess Company changed the chess industry by introducing the first class

chess sets and chess boards. Carl Miceli, Staunton Chess Company director, has

dedicated a considerable period to work on the quality. A proper chess set or a chess

board will speak for the owner’s prestige. That’s why the Staunton Chess Company has

dedicated a long time to produce finest material for an affordable price.

Choosing the right manufacturer for the right chess set is not easy. Even if you google,

you will be presented with quite a few results. Unless you are a product expert, it is hard

to fathom the quality of a chess set or a chess board. But the Staunton Chess Company

has been in the industry for quite some time. Their experience stands for expertise and the


What should you consider before buying a chess set?

The size comes first. To have your chessmen properly stationed, the size should be

ideally between 21 and 25 inches.

Your budget is also important. You need to consider how you should spend your money

wisely on a chess board. If you are not seriously into chess, a normal board will be more

than enough. But if you are a seasoned chess champion, then it is worth buying a little

expensive chess board. But not all the chess boards are expensive beyond affordability.

The Staunton Chess Company has a large variety of wooden as well as plastic chess

boards. The wooden and plastic chess boards are popularly used in colleges and clubs.

The board traditionally used for the chess is boxwood in addition to other materials such

as rosewood, sandalwood, ebony and padouk. If you really want to go for a prestigious

board, the sandalwood board is available as the most expensive board.

Making of a chess board is a skill everybody cannot claim. It requires not only skill, but

an artistic look as well. In the end, how the chess board looks also matters. An average

chess board of the luxury category usually consume about 40 hours to complete. The

artistes have to begin their work from the moment of the wood is dried up to the moment

of finishing the last chessman.

If you have an eye for details, you will certainly notice the uniqueness of the chess sets

and boards manufactured at the Staunton Chess Company. Every detail has been attended

to and artists have taken pains to rub the pieces with shellac. This not only provides

protection, but also adds an aesthetic splendour to the board.

The artists of the company are of course talented in their job. With years of experience,

what they manufacture vouch for excellence and expertise. You will definitely fall in love

with the chess boards and set at the first sight.

Our range of luxurious Chess Boards are carefully assembled in select timbers of Elm, Ebony, Rosewood, Maple and other decision timbers. Included are extraordinary sheets in Brass, Alabaster and numerous other decision materials.

Chess Pieces are displayed in a mixture of materials including Gold, Silver, Special Woods and Solid Brass. Likewise our Collectors scope of chess is lovely and offered in a novel decision of subject.

Our choice of Chess Sets, are offered with coordinating Pieces and Boards to offer an extremely uncommon tastefully satisfying blend for the most perceiving specialist.

The greater part of our Chess Tables available to be purchased are carefully assembled tilling top of the extent materials and to compliment your decision we have every so often coordinated complimentary pieces for your thought as a proposal that mirrors the presentation.

An exceptional notice ought to be made of the Gold, Silver and Onyx scope of chess sheets and tables made by Italfama which is found under our Sovereign Category. The reach is created in Gold, Silver and Onyx and is really a world restrictive. Delineating a mixture of subjects the pieces are delivered by the old strategy for chiselling in wax in the extremely finest of point of interest by our Italian specialists before being cast in strong bronze and improved with the gold, silver and onyx. Every piece is marked by the craftsman to present a piece that won't just take pride of spot in any decision setting however will likewise turn into a treasure in the years to come.

 Upon which the game of chess is performed the chess board, is made up of sixty-four eight columns, squares and eight rows in alternating colours of light and darker colours, or black and white of timber. In competition chess the planks may be coloured dark light and green aficionado.
Essentially the chess board is the same even though the in play the chess board is laid in an alternative alignment from draughts in the plank is placed between the other players using a white square in the bottom right hand corner, as the panel used to perform checkers or English draughts.
Today there's an enormous scope of chessboards available, from inexpensive card-board and roll-up vinyl, to pearl and ivory, glass, marble and black. Some chessboards are produced with such precision and craftsmanship which they are improved to the level of artefact or artwork!

A Strong Ebony and Maple Chess Board The extensively employed and many well-known chessboard is the level, wood kind and is preferred choice of many privately owned chess sets. A very basic one could consist of a square piece of coloured plywood that is light.
The chess pieces grid may be screen printed straight onto the timber in black ink. Here you can have a chessboard that is perfectly functional. But due to the exalted status of the game of chess lots of people prefer to use a board mo-Re fitting to be used for 'the game of nobleman'. Thus the need around the world for builder built, amazing boards with fine veneers that might be serviceable perhaps for decades!
Ideally a chess established should be a regal and thrilling thing, uplifting you to go into the wonderful globe of chess playing, also something which is desired as an individual possession for craftsmanship that is superior and its artistic characteristics.

Unusual planks
The 'Produced of Cash' Chess chess boards that were quite early were made of leather. Additionally, there are boards manufactured from rock, but the quest for originality and novelty of humanity h-AS created a mind-boggling assortment of unusual chessboards. There are panels where the piazzas have become sectors. That is a board with the Dali - surface with peg openings to match the items. Additionally a panel that h AS scalloped squares on which the parts whirl and may rock. There are even chess panels made from pastry, using pieces made with cutters

There are revolutionary boards which have event departed in the flat work surface to be a chain of measures where items go up and down the measures. A table where each square is a Gigabyte £20 note that is collapsed was developed by some vivid spark, the items are little heaps of different beliefs the one pence coins that are bronze being the pawns of cash.
The dragon chess game really consists of three-tiered glass boards on which a collection of figures that are medieval-looking are involved in a complex multilevel-ed game. The game was invented by the creator of the popular "D&D" games.

Book end planks that are flat nicely as Style Folding Chess Set's, there's a vast range of chessboards that are collapsible. These are lightweight planks that can be a coffin to maintain the items in. This really is a clever way to store your chess set that is whole in a convenient, readily transportable carton. The board that is chequered becomes the ornamental design on the outside of the box. Straightforward and intelligent!
Some of those folding chess units have the look of an antique book, for them to be conveniently placed on the bookshelf on long-term display. As they gave the game of chess a mo-Re scholarly look these designs were preferred by medieval English churches.

Our Chess Board Range
We stock among the best and largest collections of chess boards for sale in the united kingdom. We buy only from high quality suppliers based in Europe including Giglio asla and Rechapados. Our boards begin at just £32.00 and stretch to over two hundred pounds for our ultimate quality luxurious lacquered boards. Unlike additional merchants we carry a complete range of measurements of the majority of our stock. You can select the size you need during the time of ordering. Where quality is as little as the prices it's worth jotting that none of our wooden chess boards are sourced from the far east. They are only sourced by us from approved European suppliers who ensure us the quality that is best.

High Polish German Briar wood Chess Board as well as the standard planks that are bog we also market an excellent range of high-end boards. It looks absurd to put such points on a basic chess board when you consider the grade of some chess items. If you desire to offer your luxury chess items the chess-board they deserve then our variety of luxurious chess planks is the spot to choose from. There's something magical about seeing the representation of the chess Men in the surface of the board. Yet another facet of our planks worth offering about is the great hands inlays of timber veneers that are rich. Our Italian chess boards are all hand inlaid to perfection from spectacular cuts of richly grained woods. Each of these excellent illustrations are available through our website at an unbeatable cost.

Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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