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In this category, we offer a fine selection of character-themed chess sets featuring the very popular Isle of Lewis Chess Sets. Our collection of Lewis chess pieces and sets are made here in the United Kingdom. Why buy your Lewis set from us? Simply put, all other sets are inferior and mass imported from China!  Rest assured buying your Isle of Lewis set from The Official Staunton Chess Company is crucial if you're looking for perfect replication of this much sought and popular set. We hope you enjoy our Lewis chess set collection.

Themed Chess Sets and Their Uniqueness

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Chess admirers are often known to have a variety of chess sets available, which are not limited to the traditional style or design. These are often known as figurine chess sets or more commonly themed chess sets. These can be used for decorative purposes due to their uniqueness in design, cost, material, and aesthetic appeal. These can often be for beginners for casual play or for professional players for their own entertainment or exclusive matches. Most of these, however, are not according to the Staunton standards, due to which they cannot be used during international level tournaments. This rule is primarily due to the lack of distinguishable pieces, the overall weight and size.

Themed chess sets can also be customized unlike the ones readily available in markets and can be either easily affordable or highly expensive, depending on the craftsmanship and material being used. Regardless of the prices, aesthetically and design wise, they are beautifully designed and have an audience of their own. Most people prefer themed chess sets over the traditional chess sets, as they are more fun and colourful. These are often also categorized into luxury chess sets due to their high quality, fine craftsmanship and aesthetic charm. Themed sets can be imported from all over the world and are represented by various characters from either stories, history or movies.

Material Used in Themed Chess Sets

Themed chess sets have been used over centuries as each design represented a different era, culture and audience. These have significantly changed over the number of years and become recognisably quirky and colourful. The material used in these chess sets is arguably unique and can be as extensive or common as one can make it be. Some of these chess sets use material that is not common, which increases the overall cost and appeal. For instance, certain kinds of woods, which are not normally used in chess, can increase the overall cost, or the use of expensive gems or expensive metals such as gold or silver. The chess sets can also be moulded in poly-stone or metal and are often durable, with excellent paint finish and polish. These usually are cured to come across as stone like and have a smooth texture, which is pained easily.

Other themed chess sets are made of pewter or metal, which increase the overall metallic look and weight of each piece. These can be irresistibly refined chess pieces, which demonstrate historical wars, battles, revolutions etc., and have exquisitely crafted chessboards to complement the pieces. Playing with each piece has its own unique form, glamour and level of valour during a game, and is purely imaginative and open to intellectual creativity. All chess pieces are smooth and finely crafted, with the right weight and height. However, some chess pieces, which are made of plastic for children, can often be slightly edgy but equally entertaining and worth a child’s chess collection. Most fine crafted themed chess sets are curated in Italy or Spain, and some in India.

Categories of Themed Chess Sets

There are various categories of themed chess sets, which can depict a historical era, magical or mythology ideas, or pop culture showing various super heroes and movie characters. For instance, in historical chess sets, there has been a large level of interest in battles that have taken place over the number of years. These include the battles in the Asian, Persian, European or

Roman era, including battles with the crusades, and Napoleon or Wellington battles. These chess sets, consist of intricately crafted chess pieces and are an absolute delight to see up close. Artisans all over the world exquisitely craft the facial expressions, the denotation of ranks, and attention to detail in armour. For instance in Asian themed chess sets, the chess pieces include Chinese Terracotta warriors, Samurais, Emperors and Mongol hordes. These depict their own unique style regarding historic battles from the Far East.

Chess sets that revolve around fantasies have an element of battles but with a twist of drama, with mythical elements. This can be a knight facing evil forces, or a warrior facing evil demons or dragons. These can also include Greek, Roman, Egyptian chess sets which represent Greco-Roman Gods and Goddesses of classical mythology. It is all up to the players’ imagination, how he or she takes the game forward, with interestingly tricky strategies and tactics. The chess pieces are crafted beautifully especially if they are representing gargoyles or dragons, with the decorative elements reflecting finesse in each piece. The chessboards are also thematic and can have multiple levels in terms of height, and eye-catching colour. Lastly, chess sets that are based on pop culture are often based on super heroes or popular movies such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. These are creations, which are fascinated and adorned by younger players, as a way to encourage them to play further and learn more skills.

These themed chess sets are often a reflection of one’s personal taste and unique interest. For instance, the royal and medieval timed theme sets are extremely popular due to the crusades, Isle of Lewis or other historic events. These whimsical chess pieces are often linked to actual royal historic figures such as a particular King or Queen, such as Henry VIII or Cleopatra. Another chess set also includes military chess sets, which focus on revolutions, civil wars, etc. The craftsmanship that adorns these pieces, makes the entire chess set a must have due to the detailed level of intricacies that are hard to find in many other chess pieces.

Why buy a Themed Chess Set?

Owning a themed chess set does not have any purpose, but it is purely based on personal interest. If a player is a fan of history, then an Isle of Lewis chess set adds value to his or her niche collection. It is also budget friendly and doesn’t necessarily need to be luxurious or overly elegant. Likewise, as these sets don’t often reflect the standards of traditional chess sets, they are quite beautiful as a gift or for decorative use. They stand out from the usual hues of black and white or golden and brown. Some figurine chess sets do follow the Staunton pattern and can be used for plays at home or exclusive events. It’s due to the uniqueness of these chess pieces that make chess enthusiasts keep a collection for their personal use.

Finally, it is quite common for chess players to invest in themed chess sets, with acknowledgment from peers, as it reflects not only the player’s ability to play with traditional chess sets but also unique sets. The Official Staunton Chess Company has a variety of themed chess sets available for all audiences that are not only used for decorative purposes but also for events at home or themed tournaments.

  • Themed Chess Sets

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxury chess sets? It is that beautiful marble chess set you once saw fitted with semi-precious stones or was it that metal chess set with its hand-carved sculptures used as chess pieces? Such themed chess sets are usually the most luxurious kinds available on the market. However, keep in mind that there are many other kinds of themes available, such as those representing battle scenes from history, pets, sports figures, etc. If you are more traditionally minded, you may prefer to go with an authentic-looking Staunton chess set, prized for its great looks and affordable prices. The important thing to ask yourself is what purpose your novelty chess sets are going to serve? Do you want something that blends in naturally with your home or something that has a more classic look such as the ones used in competitions? This will help you to make a more informed decision on buying the perfect chess pieces for your chess board.

The Lewis chess set has turned into the second most famous chess piece outline on the planet after Staunton. We are charmed to offer a better than average choice of Lewis sets. We are socking the SAC marked pieces in both full size and small-scale variants, however, the gem in the crown of our scope of Lewis pieces is the National Museum set. These pieces are made in England utilizing a brilliant gum in molds got from laser outputs of the genuine pieces. We have joined our determination of Lewis pieces with an assortment of chess sheets. This has made a lovely determination of Lewis chess sets. The range begins at just shy of fifty pounds and goes up to more than three hundred for our super extravagance Isle of Lewis chess set

One of the latest trends in chess is collecting hand painted chess pieces. This new approach towards the old chess pieces has not only revived the chess industry but has also brought more colour and dynamism to what it was perceived to be a “closed world”. Chess was perfect: elegant through the simplicity of the Staunton style, rigid due to its strict rules, immortal as it resisted the proof of time for so long, elevated due to its selection of players and of course beautiful and fascinating. Yet, the apparition of hand painted chess pieces has signaled the one thing that chess missed and that was its color. When these pieces made their way to collectors, it was the ultimate homage brought to chess.

Isle of Lewis chess set

Most had painted chess pieces available nowadays are made of high-quality polyresin and have intricate details that will astonish even the most exigent eye. Polyresin is a material made of crushed stone composite. This makes the chess pieces hard and weighty as if made of stone and resistant as if made of plastic.

Various models, starting with figurines suitable for children and ending with scenes from history, are available nowadays. Among the most famous hand painted chess pieces, we should enumerate the Alice in Wonderland hand painted chess set, which contains pieces inspired by the famous children story written by Lewis Carol. This set is a great way of attracting children into the fascinating world of chess. Other similar hand painted chess pieces include farm themed chess sets, Lord of the Rings chess set and Robin Hood chess set. Depending on your child's preferences you can choose one of the above listed themed chess pieces and let the fun begin. You can be sure that Alice will have greater success than a normal queen, while Robin Hood will make a great king in children's vision.

Yet, not only children can enjoy the beauty of hand-painted chess pieces. Fascinating themed chess sets are waiting for adults attention in stores all over the world. By far the most used theme for hand painted chess sets is history. You can find chess pieces showing Alexander the Great in the confrontation with the Indians, or maybe have an insight into the Battle of Hastings. Those looking for something more updated, there are also available hand painted chess sets inspired by the Battle of Waterloo and the long-lasting rivalry between the French and the British. The crusades have also been a source of inspiration for those producing such chess pieces, so it is up to you to choose the chess set which stirs your emotions the most.

The hand-painted chess sets offer great views for those in love with chess. Whether you want them as exhibition pieces or as functional pieces on your chessboard, these vividly coloured pieces with intricate details will put a smile on your face each time you see them. 

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