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    You're in the right spot if you want to buy an Isle of Lewis Chess Set. This article covers some important aspects of these unique sets, including the origin, pieces, size, and price. This chess set was created from a game of chess found on the Isle of Lewis. You can read on to find out all about the features you should look for.


    This is the mysterious Origin of the Isle of Lewis Chess Set. These pieces were discovered on the Isle of Lewis west coast in a sandy bank. They are a mix of legend and truth. They were discovered by a cattle farmer in the area. The battle for the Isle of Lewis took place in 1831. It was actually a series battles that took place between both groups.

    In 1831, the first ever Isle of Lewis chessmen were discovered. They are exquisitely carved from walrus ivory and are likely to be of Scandinavian origin. One of the most sought-after exhibits at The British Museum is its collection of 67 Lewis chessmen. Each piece features the British Museum logotype. This is what makes this set of chessmen some of the most iconic chess sets throughout history.

    The origin of the Isle of Lewis set of chess pieces is not known, but its rarity and beauty have led many collectors to search for it. A collector purchased eleven pieces for a private collection. J.A. purchased the remaining 82 pieces. Forrest donated the pieces later to the British Museum. The British Museum and National Museum of Scotland then displayed the Isle of Lewis chessmen.

    The Isle of Lewis chess set is still available today from several Great British manufacturers. The Official Staunton Company is one of the few companies that sell Isle of Lewis sets made in the UK. They are known for their unique style. The pieces of the Isle of Lewis chessmen were originally made from Walrus Tusk, then cast in gum molds. For this reason, the Isle of Lewis chessmen are incredibly heavy, and the pieces are crafted with an exquisite attention to detail.

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    An ancient artifact, the Isle of Lewis Chess Set Pieces were found underground at 15 feet. They are made from ivory from walrus walrus and believed to be from Scandinavia. They are among the British Museum's most valuable collections. Each piece bears the museum's logotype. The pieces were buried to protect them during transport to Ireland.

    These chess pieces are dated to the Middle Ages. These chess pieces were made of walrus ivory, and whale's tooth. They depict the social hierarchy of people in various groups, and were likely made by a merchant traveling from Norway to Ireland. These chess pieces may have the longest history of any artifact on the planet. It is currently on display in the National Museum of Scotland.

    Made from ivory that came from walruses in the area, the Isle of Lewis chess sets have chessmen made of it. The ivory was then used in a wide variety of luxurious carvings. The pieces of the set were carved from the tusks of these animals, and their characteristic, comical features made them seem comical to today's eyes. However, the original purpose of the Isle of Lewis chess set pieces was to represent the strength of the warriors.

    The Isle of Lewis chess set is one of the oldest types of chess sets. These pieces have an antique appearance due to their stone resin casting. These pieces are humanoid and have no abstract shapes. The pieces are available separately, as well as bundled with the matching chess box. They are beautiful, high-quality sets that offer exceptional value.


    The Isle of Lewis Chess Set, a beautiful historical set of chess pieces is very rare. They were first discovered by the British Museum in 12th century. A full set of these pieces would make a very unique home decoration or gift for a friend. They are not made of real wood, however. These are made from resin, and they will be delivered in a brown cardboard box.

    The Isle of Lewis chess set is available from several Great British manufacturers, including Official Staunton. This chess set is known for its beautiful, distinctive pieces, which were originally carved from Walrus tusk and cast in gum moulds. This set makes a great collector's item. These sets can be found at several online stores, such as or eBay. You should look closely at each piece to ensure you are purchasing a custom chess set.

    The Isle of Lewis Chess Set is large enough to accommodate any sized board. The set includes 32 pieces as well as a King that measures 3.5 inches high. They are exquisitely detailed, and come in cream or brown. The sculptures of Isle of Lewis chessmen are featured on each piece. The resin is durable and it is made of the same material. You'll want to consider the style you'll be using with your Isle of Lewis Chess Set to ensure that it will last you for years to come.

    For children with smaller hands, the Isle of Lewis Chess Set is perfect. The set measures 17 by 11 by 11. It measures approximately 1.5 inches in height. This makes it ideal for teaching young children and grandparent chess. This set makes a wonderful choice if you're looking for a set of chess pieces with rich history. Your set will be a great investment because of its high quality, durability and rich history.


    The Isle of Lewis Chess Set is classic chess set with humanoid pieces and a beautiful wooden chess board made of Maple or Rosewood. Two-inch squares make it easy to play competitive chess. You can choose from a wood or metal chessboard. This set also comes with the original brown or cream colours. This set's metal design is renowned for being durable and luxurious.

    Each chessboard is 3.5 inches in height, as well as the king. The chessmen themselves are 2.25 inches tall, with a 4.4-cm diameter base. The King is included in the 32-piece total. Prices for the Isle of Lewis Chess Set depend on how well each piece is finished. The most expensive chess set is the 3.5-inch-high Lewis Chess Set, which has a 4.4-cm-diameter base.

    A quality set of Isle of Lewis Chess Sets is a must for serious chess players. It is close to the original set that was made by National Museum. The pieces are made from high-quality Italian Briarwood and feature the Museum's official pieces. It measures 24 inches and makes a great match with the Lewis chessmen. The Lewis Chess Set has received numerous rave reviews.

    The Isle of Lewis Chess Set price is about £200 and is available in most gaming shops. Depending on the brand and materials, the set may cost anywhere from 150$ to 200$. The set will last a lifetime as long as the materials are durable. Chess is a great way to improve your character and social skills. It will be amazing how fast you learn social skills when you are playing competitive games.


    You might be interested in chess and medieval history, so you can purchase the Isle of Lewis Chess Set. The set is the subject of many TV and movie movies. The unique history behind these pieces' discovery on the Isle of Lewis is fascinating. The pieces were featured in the film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", which is a part of the series.

    It was believed that the Isle of Lewis Chess Set is of Norse origin. The design of this set is especially telling. Historical experts have narrowed the possible origins down to Trondheim (Norway). As well as carvings found at Nidaros Cathedral, a piece of a broken queen was also discovered in Trondheim's archbishops palace. Weitere excavations led to the discovery of shields and armor dating back to Viking Norway.

    Original chess pieces found on Isle of Lewis (Scotland), but not from Trondheim. Trondheim, a city known for its ivory carvings by walruses in the Middle Ages was also a major center. A fragment of an ivory queen of similar design was discovered in Trondheim. The decoration of the chessmen's thrones is very similar to carvings in medieval Norwegian churches.

    A stunning box is included in the reproduction of the Isle of Lewis Chess Set. The chessmen are made of durable resin and have a classic, vintage look. They are crafted with a felted bottom to prevent them from marking the board. A certificate of authenticity is also provided. The King measures 3.5 inches in height and weighs in at 205g. A replica of the Isle of Lewis Chess Set is not likely to have the same detail, but it is still worth the price.

    Isle Of Lewis Chess Sets is the second most popular set among collectors and players. They are based on a very early chess set whose origins are surrounded by mystery and folklore.

    At Official Staunton our range of Isle Of Lewis Chess Sets is unrivalled. We have chess pieces in both full-size and small-scale variants. Our favourite set is the National Museum set made in England. Our range has the Isle Of Lewis set for every budget, with the best chessmen set available here in the UK 

    What Is An Isle Of Lewis Chess Set?

    The Lewis chess set has turned into the second most famous chess piece outline on the planet after the famed Staunton Chessmen Set. This style was designed hundreds of years ago but was actually discovered in 1831 on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. A full set was found buried in a chest in the sand. But its origins and owner are still unknown to this day. These original pieces are still on British soil as exhibits in the National Museum Scotland and the British Museum. 

    However, you can purchase your own Isle Of Lewis-inspired chess set today from a variety of Great British manufacturers. Our range at Official Staunton only includes the Isle Of Lewis sets made in Britain. They are famous for their distinctive style of the pieces, which are short and stout. Originally they were carved from Walrus tusk but today they are cast in gum moulds for an authentic appearance.

    Lewis Chessmen

    The most iconic part of the Isle Of Lewis style of chess set is the pieces. They are shaped like human figures, which were believed to be a collection of Elves and Gnomes when they were first unearthed by a peasant in 1831. This is likely because of their short and stout appearance, having large bodies and long heads. They are known as Lewis Chessmen or The Uig chessmen and are the most iconic pieces in chess history.


    Isle Of Lewis Chess Set Size

    Because of the shape and style of the pieces in an Isle Of Lewis chess set the accompanying chess board tends to be oversized to fit all the pieces in. The proportions of a standard size Isle Of Lewis set can be impressive and make for interesting gameplay. However, there are options if you want an Isle Of Lewis-style set on a smaller scale.

    SAC Mini Isle of Lewis Chess Set

    For anyone who has limited space or would prefer a smaller set of these historical chess pieces, there is the SAC Mini Isle of Lewis Chess Set. Our range at Official Staunton includes both full-size and small-scale variants. As complete sets so you don’t have to compromise on style or size.


    The Best Isle Of Lewis Chess Set

    Since its discovery in the early 1800s, the classic Isle Of Lewis-style has been reproduced by lots of brands and manufacturers. But it’s widely accepted as the best Isle Of Lewis chest set is the set made by the National Museum Scotland.

    The accuracy of their pieces is unrivalled due to the fact that they are laser copies of the originals that are housed in the museum itself. In our experience, you will find it hard to buy another Isle Of Lewis chess set that is closer to the originals.

    You can find this National Museum chess set in our range at Official Staunton. It comes beautifully packaged

    Themed Chess Sets

    They also paved the way for themed chess sets, including Game Of Thrones and Harry Potter, which lend themselves to the shape and style of Lewis Chessmen.


    Where To Buy Isle Of Lewis Chess Sets

    If you are looking to buy a replica Isle Of Lewis chess set you need to be wary of quality. Many sets are mass imported from China, which are usually of poorer quality with less attention to detail and historical accuracy.

    The Official Staunton range of Isle of Lewis sets contains only accurate replicas. All of our Isle Of Lewis chess sets are made in Great Britain to strict quality standards and historical moulds of the original set.

    If you need help choosing your chess set, give our team a call. We’re chess experts with years of experience. We will help you to find the perfect set for you whether you’re a player or a collector.