Chess One of the Oldest Games in History

More than 1500 years stand as a reference for one of the oldest games in history: chess. Since the first centuries of its existence until present times millions of people have indulged in the art of playing chess. Whether they were novices trying to earn a reputation, royal faces acclaiming their superiority or ardent chess playing trying to prove their skills, all have experienced the exquisite mind pleasures offered by chess. Nowadays, chess is no longer regarded as an exclusive game, but it has preserved its high demands: a very well organised mind and extensive training is needed to win a chess game or competition.

chess training

While the organised mind is something you were born with and could hardly be acquired (at the best can be improved), training is available to anyone willing to immerse in the fascinating world of chess. In fact, there are several ways of starting your chess experience. The traditional and probably the most effective one is taking lessons with a skilled trainer. Trainers will not only explain to you all the basic notions about chess, but they will also use notions, terms and make associations that are age appropriate and take the time needed for you to understand the basic principles. Furthermore, the trainer is there to help you with examples, demonstrations and further explanations until everything is clear for you. A personal trainer is almost compulsory if you are a beginner in chess, but it is not necessary when you are looking to perfect your skills and acquire more technical experience.

A personal trainer has his positive sides, but there are still two things which must be noted: the first one is that personal trainers sell their services quite expensive, which may be an impediment for those with low incomes. The second issue is that usually, attending a personal trainer or chess teacher requires a fixed schedule, which many people cannot deal with. This is why a new wave has emerged lately: online chess training.

Online chess training means posting chessboard lessons on a website and deliver them to interested people via the internet. You can find video tutorials explaining each and every step of a strategy or you can find texts sharing with you the insights of the chess experience. And because there is no training without direct interaction, the sites have special features enabling you to ask questions about things which have been left unclear in your mind or about things you need further information.

While these sites do not provide a gradual discovery of the information and send it bulk to the user (which may overwhelm the student and give up learning), they are still a good alternative for those determined to learn chess as they can be customised to fit any schedule. Furthermore, they are relatively cheap and you can also get some free information if you are ready to spend some time looking for it.

The last chess training method is via chess set computer. This is similar to online training, yet without requiring access to the internet network. All you need to do is purchase the device (computer chess or electronic chess) and switch it to tutorial or teaching mode. There you will be given lessons and demo games about different stages in chess, starting with the beginner level and ending with the expert one. This is also a convenient solution, especially when you have to pay only once when acquiring the device and then be given lots of information and advice for your chess performances.

All the chess training methods above are suitable for different chess levels and can be adjusted according to your skills. So, the price and time are the criteria which will make the difference in the end. Also, your personal preference for one or the other method should be taken into consideration for fast learning and a pleasant chess experience.