Defend Your Way to Victory like Indiana Jones

When you are playing a game of chess, put yourself in an action movie setting, with each second, your nervousness for the next move increases, in whose favour will the adventure end? Will it be like an exciting escapade which fades with disappointment or will you be exhilarated because of victory by the end?

How exciting is it to be in the position where your competitiveness decides how far you reach, very little activities can give you the same sense of adrenaline boost and elation as does waiting for the end of an intensely captivating thriller, maybe something even like Indiana Jones.

It is a well-known fact that the human body requires some amount of physical exercise on a daily basis, and there have been many developments in terms of how physical activity is prioritised in today’s age, but we often tend to overlook the need of mental exercises too. Our brain needs a certain amount of intellectual exertion for it to keep going, for this, chess is an ideal activity.

It forces your mind to make choices which would impact the progress of your game and lead you to being victorious. Not only this, chess has previously also helped individuals deal with emotional stress, since it creates a single pathway to channel your emotion and intelligence towards a specific task.

Very few games which can played indoors allow you to experience the same excitement that outdoor, challenging games do. Not many of them are able to keep your attention pivoted constantly on a single task.

However, amongst these few activities stands chess. Distinctive and stimulating in nature, chess is supposedly said to be ‘monotonous’. Although, it is anything but monotonous. It is not only testing but also requires one to play strategically, the purpose being sweeping the opponents queen, but it is not as simple as this sentence makes it sound. Chess is like a war but on board, both players’ wanting to ensure the longevity of their army, which in this game, takes shape in chess pieces. It requires deep focus and strategy, for many individuals in the world, a wooden board of chess plays an integral part in deciding how sharply or brightly your mind works. Not to mention, the game also requires quick thinking, and puts you in a tough spot of rapid decision making at each move you make.

The game is played on a two-toned checkered wooden board, each colour assigned to one of the two players and 16 intricately designed chess pieces, each group serving a different purpose. There are 8

pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 king, and lastly, the most valuable piece of them all, a single queen.

The history of this structure dates back almost 1500 years, and started in India as a result of Arab invasion. Since then, even though many cultures have changed their form, be it the Thai Makruk, or the Celtic tafl games, it still remains to be just as engrossing today, as it was years ago.

The game is extremely technical, however, if one understands the mechanics and basic functioning of it, it gets easier to decipher the code to success. Chess revolves around various aspects, these being the numerous strategies which one can use to drive their game towards victory. The first and foremost being, the correct opening move, it may be extremely complicated to understand what exactly would be termed as a brilliant opening move, but in simple words, your first move of the game should aim to make movement for higher valued wooden chess pieces, easier.

Many a times, it is also advised to lure in one of your opponent’s chess pieces into defeat. However, it is important that this is done by keeping in mind the value of each piece on the wooden board. You can definitely not afford to lose a crucial piece while trying to draw your rival in. One of the other ways to establish that your opponent is aware of your control on the game, is to make it as fast as you can. When you move your chess pieces without unnecessary delays, the player opposite to you gets a clear message that you are well-informed regarding the game. Another way of trying to maintain an upper hand in the activity is to majorly occupy the centre of the board, this would increase the comfort for movement of your chess pieces through the length of the game.

Your strategy; whether you choose to be defensive or attacking, is decided by how you or your rival opens the game. In chess, there is no right or wrong strategy but an incorrectly chosen approach to the game, may risk you your valuable chess piece in exchange of your opponents lower valued ones.

For a lot of people, chess may be too taxing but that is the fun of the game. The challenge that it puts you through, and the very fact that it not only increases your ability of making quicker decisions but also keeps you engaged for a significant period of time. It can safely be said, that chess is not only an intellectually profound activity, but also an enlightening use of your time, and this is why the official Staunton Chess Company employs its resources into intricately designing wooden chess pieces, ebony chess pieces, antique chess pieces and even luxury chess pieces which makes it an ideal choice for chess buyers around the globe, and individuals who would want to buy chess pieces in UK.

All products made are created, keeping in mind, the importance and uniqueness of the game. The company always keeps in consideration the comfort of individuals who are inclined towards chess and would like to buy chess boards, or interestingly designed chess pieces. This would not only give a great start to someone who is looking to begin, but also someone who needs to continue his or her journey with the game.

Until then, keep your mind active and eyes open in search of a chance to get the queen and sweep her to victory.