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Beneath you will find me waxing poetic about an Official Staunton chess set, board and storage carton. Not that anyone would care, necessarily, but for the record I do not make a habit of shilling for firms. I shall say, though, that I purchased a collection of 1851 Official Staunton chess Men and box a few months ago or so (the items were really antiqued boxwood and ebonised boxwood, not ebony, but it seems that they don't have that set on their site now), and also the set is totally perfect. I'm not so unhappy with this particular set. The support was exceptional. There was a little problem together with the set, and Carl bent over backwards to make it right, having a turnaround speed that has been breathtaking. Because this refreshingly favorable encounter with Carl and Official Staunton, I'm now a devotee of. Anyway, here is the spiel:

The great philosopher Plato wrote regarding the existence of ideal Types that are absolutely perfect. A truly Perfect Triangle can only exist in our minds, although you may be in a position to punch out a fairly decent representation of a triangle together with the assistance of a machine. Once I imagine An Ideal Chess Set in my head, the picture is of Official Staunton’s 1851 Antiqued and Ebony Chessmen ( . Each piece in this set serves as an ideal model for Queen, a King, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn. Not only is the design perfect, but master woodcarvers flawlessly do the performance of the design. The symmetry, proportion, balance, weight, colour and finish are elegant, tasteful, understated, and therefore are representative of what an ideal chessman must be. The main thing about Chess is the game itself, and also the great thing about the game can be valued on an affordable plastic group of chess Men on a vinyl board. Nonetheless, the sensuous sense and sound of a weighted wood and felted section as it travels the board lends an additional degree of gratification when enjoying a game with a pal or playing through a classic historical match. This set provides that aesthetic beauty of chess play unlike any other.

A battleground that's worthy of it is demanded by an established such as this. Official Staunton’s 1851 set comes with a 4.4” King, therefore a board with 2 and 3/8” squares is required. Nearly as important as the science of matching the dimensions of the pieces to the board is the-art of matching the style of the items to the board. Thus, the simple and refined Official Staunton Large Prestige Palisander Chess Board ( is an exceptional alternative. Crafted of palisander wood for the darkish squares, and maple for the mild, this board is the very graphic in ones mind’s eye of what a chess board should be: only dark and light squares of wealthy, lustrous woods enclosed with a simple and tasteful comparing wood border. Like the 1851 chess Men which will combat upon its surface, this tasteful board embodies the very nature of the term, “ ” that is classic. When perfection continues to be attained, there isn't any desire for the craftsperson to gild the lily. No augmentation is needed by this lily. When you hear the satisfactory “knock” of the bottoms of your King and Rook as they make contact with this particular board while castling Queenside, you are going to understand that you've made a good selection in pairing the Prestige Palisander Chessboard with your parts and pawns.

Chess is loved by you. Perhaps your kids adore the game, as well, but nevertheless, it might be that your love for the royal sport will skip a generation. The bits that you simply spent therefore many delightful hours with, re creating the games of Morphy, Capablanca, Tal or Kasparov, might someday be kept in a attic somewhere, or worse, went throughout the country repeatedly before finally being rediscovered by a grandchild sometime in the remote future. Your exquisite set needs to be shielded so that your descendent does not come upon your beloved pieces to discover your Kings with Rooks with parapets, Queens with crowns that are broken, their crosses missing, or Knights with their ears chipped. A lovely heirloom chess set deserves to be well shielded by the Official Staunton Deluxe Fitted Coffer ( and products/deluxe-fitted-coffer). The inside of the storage case is lined with felt, also it contains two inset drawers with personal compartments for every piece and pawn. There are TWO Queen compartments for the Black and the White sides, to accommodate those sets that come with four Queens, as-is standard with Official Staunton chess sets. The exterior of this ark that was sturdy is fashioned of attractive reddish burl wood and, such as pieces that accompany it and the board, this coffer embodies simple, understated sophistication. Having a locking mechanism and a tasseled key that is gold, this case will assuredly gain the attention of only the proper sort of grandchild going through your attic or garage someday, thus ensuring your precious wooden armies a brand new lease on life for generations in the future.
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