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Chess Sets for so many different reasons are the owner’s pride. We are living in the world with people, who own more than thirty luxury chess sets, and yet looking for more. Owing to the seamless smooth feel in chess sets, people now use it even for decorative purposes. Whatever, the reason maybe, if you like to own it, you will love to read about how the beautiful chess boards and pieces of today have undergone so many changes.

Chess sets originated in India centuries ago were a lot different from how it now is. There was no standard until the Europe started giving this game traditional value. The chess players and designers of Europe brought a real meaning and convention to the game by starting to standardise the Staunton Chess set and the chess rules. The initial concept of battlefield got elusive in the when the game was formally conceived as royal court instead of battlefield. From 11th to 19th century things for chess and chess players gained pace and people started to see conventional chess clubs and associations holding tournaments of chess.


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Though the chessboards remained same, the breakthrough change was name and rules, which completely changed for pieces. The past counsellor, cavalry, chariots, infantry and elephants received new names. Now they were queen, knight, rook, pawn and bishop. Chess sets of UK today hold high importance all around the world because of great styles that it introduced such as: St George, English Barleycorn, Calvert and Northern Upright. Nathan Cook now known as the originator of Staunton Chess set has done important work in inspiring the Neo classical Architecture. The great architects who found the standing of components in the chess set interesting followed the components of chess set.

Wood works craving in the finest way is what St George chess set of past and today features in the wooden chess sets. Before Staunton chess set, the St George’s wooden style in 1850 enjoyed extra ordinary attention. Looking for one of the classic luxury chess sets? Our assortment can be your stop for satisfaction of refined luxury in chess board designs.

Did you know that Staunton knights have showed up in the twelve distinct designs? All of these featured horse and power but the carving and style was distinct in each. Today the power to redesign has shifted to World Chess who is responsible for holding the event of World Chess Championship. The designers in the association are making frequent changed to make chess boards and pieces more attractive than ever. The recent chessboard seems nothing like the previous one and is a complete state of art. Despite of every development that the chess followers have been noticing and following the worth of conventional luxury chess sets has not been undermined. You can check a variety of well-designed exceptional chess pieces carved with care and love for chess in our collection. We share the history, present and future of chess with consumers at affordable price and uncompromised quality. Are you looking for a timeless design? We have all the right choices.

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