Regency Chess Sets

The set featured below is a Regency styled chess set of pieces dating as far back as the eighteenth century with an association to the French Regency period . This chess set style was also adopted in many other countries, and active in some third world manufactures . These stunning sets are normally crafted from boxwood and ebony wood however without felted bases and normally not weighted - and almost all with two pieces knights which was the standard in those days. 


These stylish regency chess pieces were modified circa 20th century with the addition of glass eyes to the knight pieces! The king height for these sets at approx 82mm.  Mexico and China produced this style using marble and malachite and some sets appeared onto the market in soap stone. The regency style chess sets we very popular for that period. They are an attractive set of pieces with cylindrical rooks and finely carved counterpoints. There seems to be a resurgence of this design, and many chess retailers are adding them to their inventory given the modest demand. 

Of course the Official Stanton range wouldn't be complete without this regency chess set, therefore we have already put to production a few variations of this superb design and will soon list them for your perusal. 


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