Travel & Magnetic Chess Sets

5 products

    5 products
    13 Inch Walnut and Maple Magnetic Chess Set - Official Staunton™
    13 Inch Walnut and Maple Magnetic Chess Set - Official Staunton™
    13 Inch Walnut and Maple Magnetic Chess Set
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    15" Walnut Folding Chess and Checkers Set - Official Staunton™
    15" Walnut Folding Chess and Checkers Set
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    Travel Chess Set

    At the Official Staunton Chess Company, we have been offering travel chess sets for over twenty years. When we began in 2003, travel sets were among our first products. Since then, we have sold thousands of sets, continually refining their quality and style while making numerous improvements.

    The primary purpose of a travel chess set is portability. The goal is to have a set that can be easily folded and stored away, or slipped into a backpack. While there are some compromises compared to playing on a larger, flat, non-folding board with weighted pieces, we have focused on ensuring our travel sets provide a satisfying chess experience on the go.

    Our preferred travel sets are made from solid hardwood and come in four sizes, ranging from seven to fourteen inches. They feature magnetic pieces, soft flocked internal compartments, and secure closing mechanisms (either clasp or magnetic). Each set is crafted from solid hardwood, with hand-inlaid individual squares.

    The Largest and Best Selection of Travel Chess Sets in the UK

    We have worked diligently to ensure that our claim of having the largest and best selection of travel chess sets in the UK is based on fact, not opinion. Creating the largest range was straightforward: we curated a diverse array of travel chess sets to meet every player's needs. However, achieving the highest quality took much more time and effort.


    Origins of Our Travel Chess Sets

    Our outstanding travel and folding chess set collection has earned its reputation as the best in the country through long-standing and successful relationships with suppliers worldwide. We avoid mass-produced sets from China, opting instead to handpick exceptional sets from suppliers in Italy, India, and Poland. This approach ensures high quality and fosters lasting relationships with manufacturers, leading to superior products.

    Magnetic Chess Sets

    Our selection of magnetic chess sets features only the finest products. Our journey began in 2003 with various travel chess sets, and we now offer a range of exquisitely crafted wooden magnetic sets in four sizes, from seven to fourteen inches. We have collaborated with manufacturers to refine these sets, incorporating stronger magnets, magnetic closures on the cabinets, and more luxurious flocking inside. We also include additional queens for pawn promotion.

    These sets, made from Indian hardwoods, have a rich, natural feel. They are crafted individually by skilled artisans, making them more akin to wood workshop products than mass-produced factory items. Whether you need a set for playing chess on the move or a compact set for your bookshelf, we have the perfect solution for you.