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22 products

    22 products
    1850 London Boxwood and Ebony 3.5 Inch Replica Chessmen - Official Staunton™
    1850 London Boxwood and Ebony 3.5 Inch Replica Chessmen - Official Staunton™
    1850 London Boxwood and Ebony 3.5 Inch Replica Chessmen
    Official Staunton
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    The beauty of a good quality Staunton chess set ranks it among popular artworks. Unlike anything, the supreme grace and beauty granted to a tournament-style set is what lets you appreciate its exquisite elegance and aesthetic values. The pieces are not only carefully weighted, but also balanced in meaning that each move of every game gives you a sense that it is part of a big story. The process to just initially place the pieces on the board before starting the game then strategically making moves during the game, and finally playing out the board can be an actual beautiful thing.

    Next in line, a high-quality Staunton Chess Set does not have any comparison in giving you an awesome tactile experience since other wood sets come with smooth surface roughness and original touch to their pieces. Players are able to manipulate and feel the pieces as they play, perceiving their texture and heft which makes them distinctive from all other chess sets. Having an impressive set of chessmen also contributes significantly to creating an appropriate atmosphere for such games.

    Thirdly, the high-quality Staunton chess set lasts for a lifetime. The pieces are usually made of dense materials so they will not break, such as marble or slate and can endure the stresses that come with regular use. The heavier pieces also mean that you are less likely to displace any piece while you are making your move during play. Quality sets in addition to this come in various materials, sizes, and designs to suit any budget, taste, and style. 
    Another aspect of a quality Staunton chess set is that it will be with you throughout your life. Through proper care, it is possible to preserve a good set that can last for many generations to come. You can leave the set for your children, grandchildren and other family members guaranteeing them many years of pleasure. In addition high quality sets might appreciate in value making it an excellent way of investing 

    In sum, spending money on a Staunton Chess set is an investment that guarantees so many benefits. Owning a high-end board which is not only attractive but also good to touch and will serve you for the rest of your life adds another level of beauty and elegance to chess. In addition to the traditional wooden models as well as the contemporary designs there is a nice Staunton Chess set that suits any need and budget. By doing it you ensure yourself having quality chessmen to play and enjoy the game for many years ahead. 
    Luxury Chess Pieces are defined by various criteria, in particular by the type of wood used for their creation, intricacy of their design, as well as by time spent on making them. The knights are an example here since they are quite time-consuming in terms of hand carving process.

    Here is a display of some very beautiful Staunton luxury chess pieces.  Our luxury chess are completely hand-carved, turned and scrutinized at every phase of their production in order to secure the end product possesses impeccable quality. An assurance for as long as 3 years spans our chess pieces, thus investing in an Official Staunton™ chess set is indeed a smart choice!