Luxury Chess Pieces

Luxury Chess Pieces are defined using many factors, including but not limited to the wood used to make the chess pieces, the intricacies of the design, and especially so in the time, it takes to create the chess pieces, the knights for example, as these are the most time-consuming in the hand carving of Luxury Chess Pieces. 

A selection of sublime Staunton luxury chess pieces. Our luxury chess pieces are completely hand-carved and turned and scrutinized at every stage of production to ensure the end result is nothing short of sheer quality. Our chess pieces carry a 3-year guarantee, therefore, investing in an Official Staunton™ chess set is certainly the right move!    

What sets our chessmen aside? We have been working with the same manufacturers for over 20 years, the oldest and most respected of all and it is this reason we are so successful in our procurement and sales of high-end quality Staunton chess sets. We hope you enjoy our collection

Whether you are going to a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate meeting, a luxury chess set is perfect for your occasion. The elegance and quality of a wooden chess set reflect both the elegance and sophistication of the company to which it belongs. Most individuals, when setting out on a shopping spree, will carry a piece of furniture with them from one store to another until they have selected a quality piece of furniture, a piece that is tailored to their needs.

Luxury Chess SetWhat type of style do you think a luxury chess set should portray? Perhaps it will look more classic in a restaurant setting. A traditional style luxury chess set, containing a round board, solid wood pieces, a two-piece set of matching pieces


In a business setting, a luxury chess set will often be the centrepiece of the event. This is because it shows professionalism and class. A game of luxury chess set in a business setting would most likely be of heavier construction than the same style piece used in a dinner setting. Instead of wood, a luxury chess set would be constructed from metal, leather, or other durable material.


Style is a very important factor when it comes to selecting a luxury chess set. It must reflect the elegance of the interior decor and also the style of the business or organization where it will be used. Chess sets are usually crafted from wood. There are many different styles of wood, each having a different appearance and ability to take different finishes. Most individuals who are shopping for a luxury chess set should purchase a board of the same wood and style as the one to which it will be used in order to ensure that the board will complement the overall style of the organization.

In recent years, pieces of furniture have been improved and refined, adding elegance to any room, as well as contributing to a stronger sense of style. People have been drawn to the elegance of items like leather sofas, for example, or antique couches and chairs that are crafted from exotic woods like mahogany.

Reasons to buy Luxury Chess Pieces


The appeal of classy chess pieces is also due in part to the fact that these pieces are very luxurious. Chess sets were traditionally very expensive and were the choice of kings and queens in ancient times. Chess pieces were typically more ornate and involved intricate, hand-carved designs.


The lavish look of chess pieces is not lost on modern people. Those who like luxury items, enjoy being enlivened by the look of exotic woods and skilled craftsmanship that are a part of the charm of chess sets. One reason why classy pieces of furniture are popular is that people think that these pieces are eye-catching. Ornate pieces of furniture such as dining chairs and tables seem to reflect a strong sense of style.


Types of Wood Used to Make Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are made out of a variety of woods. The first type is 'boxwood'. It is classified as a hardwood wood and is made of a cell structure similar to that of maple.

Types of wood used to make chess pieces


Boxwood is often used to make boxes, as well as furniture. The price of boxwood varies, based on where it is harvested and the quality of the wood. It is normally more expensive than rosewood or ebony wood.


Rosewood is the second type of wood used to make chess pieces. It is made by grinding rosewood bark into strips and drying them in the sun, similar to how it is done with Boxwood. Because of its deep, warm tone, it is most often used to make an acoustic guitar.


Rosewood is one of the hardest and strongest species of wood. However, its deep, warm tone makes it unsuitable for making chess pieces. In fact, its sound almost cancels out the elegance of the pieces. To compensate for this, many manufacturers of chess sets are now using acacia on their pieces.

Rosewood is used to make either an exquisite Indian chess set or a uniquely modern chess set. Most people prefer it for Indian sets because of its fine grain and exotic smell. Rosewood has a very unique and beautiful appearance, making it stand out against other similar woods such as ebony. The combination of its depth and soft tone makes it a popular choice for chess pieces.

The last type of wood used to make chess pieces is Acacia. Acacia has its own unique tone that makes it a perfect wood for making chess pieces. The cost of Acacia, however, is greatly affected by the weather and geographic location of the wood. Even then, most pieces are still handcrafted from Acacia, a natural wood that is often used for furniture and costume jewellery.



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