Economy Chess Sets

Buy value chess sets from our range, including the Gambit Fold Up Chess Board or magnetic travel chess set. But just because they are cheap chess sets doesn’t mean they are cheap quality. All of the sets in our value range are high quality and will last for years.

What Are Official Staunton Cheap Chess Sets?

When you hear the term cheap chess sets, you probably think it means low quality. It has connotations of budget chess sets and chess boards being sold off at bargain prices. But that isn’t the case for our Official Staunton Value Chess Set range.

Why Should I Buy A Cheap Chess Set?

These days you have a wide selection to choose from and as you’re an avid chess player who values quality, you're probably wondering; should I buy a cheap chess set?

  • Our budget chess sets are now available in many different colours and styles to suit your taste and age.
  • Our sets are very low maintenance. If you keep your pieces well oiled and maintained, they will stay in excellent condition.
  • We never compromise on quality. All of our budget chess sets are hand carved using the finest woods such as walnut, maple, acacia, and mahogany.

Plastic Or Wood?

Now, you might be using a plastic chess set because you think that it’s cheaper. This can often be true, but what if we told you you can buy cheap chess sets made from wood? Thinking of trying it out? Well, if you are, here are some reasons why you should:

  • Woods pieces are better suited to glass chess boards than plastic.
  • They’re better for online gameplay.
  • Different types of wood are softer to the touch and offer a more comfortable game experience.
  • The blending of different woods creates striking colours, making them easy on the eye.
  • Wood pieces are better suited to being ‘weighted and felted’ than their plastic cousins. These can be lightweight but durable and sturdy.

What Cheap Chess Pieces Are The Best?

So you’ve decided your cheap chess set will be made of wood, now you’re probably wondering; what ones are there? Which one should I buy? You’ve already seen that weighted and felted are one type you can buy, but there are many more for a budget chess set, let’s take a look:

Stick Pieces – like weighted and felted, these are also lightweight, strong, and durable.
Felted – ‘felting’ is the name given to the process of making one type of wood look like another, making them aesthetically pleasing and like others, are strong and durable.
Stuck pieces – made from cedar or teak, these also offer sturdiness and durability.

What's fantastic about our range is that whether it's a cheap chess set or a more expensive one, all of our sets are handcrafted by experienced professionals who are passionate about creating quality pieces and sets for you to play with. What’s more, if you’re someone who’s serious about chess, a quality wooden chess set should be a must-have item!

Shop now to find the cheap chess set for you.

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