A fine selection of Economy Chess Sets with Chess Boards

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So you have found our website and you are looking for a quality set of chess pieces and a chessboard to match perhaps? or to buy the perfect gift for a loved one or a fathers or mothers day gift., or perhaps a special Christmas present ? Well whatever the reason, welcome! You have arrived at the UK's oldest and most respected chess company.

With a superb range of chess sets to suit everyone from the luxury tag right to the economy range sets, we cater for all budgets, and our promise and commitment is to offer value without compromise on quality.  

Our budget range of sets are hand carved and turned by master craftsmen. Our value range chess boards are made from sustainable materials and are exceptional.

A chess set and board with a matching box really does accentuate the decor of ones home or office, and many hours are passed by contemplating the move order and capture of your opponents king!  Playing the game of chess with a well made weighted and felted set adds pleasure to your game play. Our chess sets and boards have received many an accolade from collectors and chess aficionados alike, the emphasis on the hand carving and accuracy of our staunton chess pieces design.

We constantly strive to reach and maintain excellence and it is worthy of mentioning the painstaking quality control we adopt here at the Official Staunton chess company.

Make the right move, invest in the best, buy an Official Staunton Chess Set!


Featured below is a knight from our wonderful 1849 Jaques Staunton reproduction chess pieces. The facial knight carving is simply superb and unsurpassed. 


On a tight budget? no problem! We have a superb range of excellent quality economy chess sets and boards, including travel and folding chess sets. Low prices yes, but no compromise in quality standards. The Official Staunton™ range of value sets are the very best on the market. Rest assured of our commitment to quality products, we continually strive to fulfill the expectations of our customers. 

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Official Staunton™ is the leading brand in quality hand carved chess sets of distinction


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