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Charles Buxton said, “In life, forethought wins.” As far as life is concerned forethought includes a lot of things, but in the case of chess it includes the choice of sets and pieces. You might wonder and want to know as to how many different type of pieces and sets are available to choose. But if you are looking for wooden chessboard, you will definitely wonder if we tell you that the choice is limited by a person’s own imagination. There are so many different type of chessboards and pieces. The shapes, colors, sizes and materials can be entirely different.


Official Staunton is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to manufacturing number one quality boards and pieces. They have unified the technology with innovation and creativity. This amazing mix of craftsmanship and latest technology can be noticed in each and every of their wooden chessboards to buy. There is a large variety to choose from, and every buyer may choose a chess set as per their buying capacity. The Official Staunton Chess takes pride in the quality of their products, and this is the reason why they offer a full 60 day returns policy, backed with a 2 year guarantee.

They offer a large and diverse variety of chess boards and pieces. There are many different materials used in making those boards and pieces e.g. different types of wood, plastic, metal and marble. The pieces and boards made by Official Staunton Chess Company are known for the delicacy of design and durability. They offer pieces made of boxwood, rosewood, ebony, ivory, marble and different metals. As far as the boards are concerned, their boards are made of fine wood like mahogany, sheesham and walnut. They provide the best of chessboards UK to buy. Their boards are mainly made of finest quality wood, but for the fans of marble made chess boards they offer boards and pieces made of highest quality marble.

The chess pieces made by Staunton Company, are mostly of wood. They make 3 inch classic ebonized pieces like no other company in America. If you want to buy chess pieces in UK, they are the best. Their pieces are vastly liked due to the clarity of carving and masterful curves of the wood. For people who love the touch of royal look in their pieces, Staunton Company makes imperial ebony chessmen. The detail and look of the pieces is very elegant and imperial. Another very good set of pieces is the Nero Excalibur chess pieces. One cannot help, but praise the quality and clarity of the make.


Just like chess pieces, if you are looking for wooden chessboard in UK, Staunton is the best. They are the makers of the finest quality wooden chessboards. Palisander, ebony, Anegre, Sheesham you name it. They have chessboards made of a very vast variety of wood. Their mahogany chess board is simply a piece of art. Their artisans choose the finest quality wood, examine it for any faults and then make the best quality chess boards. Their boards are not only used for the sake of play, but chess fanatics love to décor their drying rooms with Staunton chessboards.


The Official Staunton Company offers stunning sets and boards of a large variety of chess lovers. If you also crave for the best wooden chessboards, the wooden chessboards to buy at Staunton Company are exactly for you. They pay attention to each and every detail. They have amazing sets and boards on sale. For example, if you love chessboards made of walnut, you may get a classic one around £399, but if you cannot afford such a high price, they can offer you a wooden chessboard with walnut style in around £99 only. No doubt that Staunton Chess Company has earned a reputation among the lovers of chess.

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