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Shakespeare said that all the world is a stage and all of the human beings are merely players. We do not think that anyone can so beautifully describe the temporariness of this world and the way human beings come to this gigantic stage and disappear. We feel the same about chess; if you are also looking for a wooden chessboard, you should know that you are getting into a play; the chess pieces are the stage actors who act for a short period on such wooden chessboards and then disappear when they are taken by the opponent.

Take King for example; he seems to be the most powerful and the most important player on this stage, but it is not true. This drama does not depict the King as a powerful player; all he can do is move a single square in a turn. This apparently very powerful King is only the weakest of all; all other players of this drama act just in order to save this King and to put the other player’s King into the threat of checkmate. It seems as though in this drama the King is not the real possessor of power, but it is merely a puppet with a big crown, surrounded by chess pieces buy UK.

When we talk about Queen we unleash the real dynamics of this play and we realize why the King cannot move too much. If you are looking for a wooden chessboard to buy, you should know that it is only the queen which may move in any direction as far as she wants. Do you think it is interesting? Wait until I tell you about something really interesting, and you would learn why I would call anyone of the wooden chessboards to buy, a stage. In shatranj, which was the previous version of chess, the queen could not move a lot, but now it may move mountains to accomplish a checkmate.

Now let’s talk about another very important chess piece among the chess pieces buy UK: the rook. Rooks play a very important role on the stage of chess. There are two rooks for each player to place them on each of the two corners on their side. Rooks are meant to devastate the ranks of enemy soldiers. Some people say that on a chessboard, rook represents the siege tower of a medieval war. Then there is another very important character: the bishop. Each player gets two bishops which may move diagonally on the chessboard and accomplish a sacred victory for the King.

However, the most interesting character on any of the wooden chessboards to buy, is the knight. Just like rook and bishop, each player gets two knights. The knight is a very interesting character; unlike rook and bishop, it does not move in a straight direction; it moves two squares horizontally and one square vertically on a chessboard in a single move. This actor is extraordinary in this drama, and the knight often plays a key role in the climax of this comic-tragedy: the checkmate. So, next time when you play chess, think differently about the pieces you move.

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