Glass Crafted Chess Pieces

Glass Chess Pieces


People love chess pieces UK to buy and they love the pieces made out of wood and marble. There are chess fanatics who pay a heavy sum to get chess pieces made out of stones which look delicate and unique. Wooden chess pieces are easy to acquire; they are available in a wide variety and price range. However, there are some chess fans who crave to stand out of the crowd, and marble or wooden chess pieces just don’t tickle their fancy. They crave to get something unique and different. They love chess pieces made out of shiny and polished crystal.

If you are also a Morgan Freeman fan, you must have watched the movie ‘Lucky Number Slevin’; in that movie Morgan plays chess with big crystal pieces, which looked like crystal skyscrapers on a black and white horizon. If you are also looking for wooden chessboard, you might want to get a stunning mix of wood and crystal to offer your chess fanatic friends whenever they pay you a visit. Crystal chess pieces to buy UK look great on a wooden or marble chessboard. They are much more elegant, delicate and nicely finished than the wooden or marble chess pieces.

The crystal chess pieces are not made in black and white color scheme, but frosted white and transparent white scheme. These chess pieces are made by the best chess piece manufacturing companies in the world. Companies like Official Staunton Chess companies make every effort to craft the world’s finest crystal chess pieces to be sold by chessboards UK to buy. These chess pieces are offered with and without chess sets. If you really love to have a crystal chess pieces set, you may get it at any price. While online stores like Amazon and eBay sell such pieces at affordable rates, for those who can afford to pay the price for high quality, there are luxurious chess pieces available.

Then there is a class of people who are beyond chess fanatics. They are obsessed with getting their hands on any chess sets or chess pieces UK to buy which might make them look different than the rest of the people. For such people, price does not matter; design and the quality do matter. They will go ahead and buy a set of chess pieces to buy UK designed by Eva Starkova: the same chess piece creator who made chess pieces for the movie ‘Lucky Number Slevin’.

A quadrant crystal chess set, hand cut by a master crafter, shining on your most favorite wooden chessboard will impress your visitors and make your friends praise your taste and choice. A crystal chess set is obviously not as solid as a marble or a wooden chess set, but sometimes solid is not what you are looking forward to. Sometimes, you want some delicate and shining crystal to reflect the brilliance of your mind and the braininess of your moves. This is what exactly the crystal chess pieces accomplish for you.

If you are looking for wooden chessboard you should know that almost every chess lover uses wooden chessboards; however, those who want to prove that they are different go for crystal chess pieces. They are not hard to find, especially when you crave to get your set as soon as possible. You may find an amazing crystal set on Amazon or eBay from $15 to $100. The quality depends on the price. You may even go crazy and buy collector pieces, which are available at a hefty price. Whether you play well or you play bad, a set of crystal chess pieces will always win your visitors’ praise: something you will feel proud of.

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